Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, new promo teases Newt on the run with his briefcase

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More Eddie Redmayne!? They should call today Terrific Tuesday! The latest promo of Fantastic Beasts sees Newt Scamander on the run, iconic briefcase in hand. Check it out below

Eddie Redmayne-fever has swept the globe quicker than a zombie apocalypse since his outstanding performance as Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything - not that we're surprised! In fact, when Warner Bros. announced that Redmayne would be taking on the role of Newt Scamander in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trilogy, we let out a little squeal of delight here at melty. And when we say a squeal of delight, we mean that there was mass hysteria in the office. Who better to play a bumbling Brit lost in a ginormous foreign metropolis? No, sorry Hugh Grant, your time has passed, it's all about Eddie nowadays! Anyway, as we're now in 2016 (that's right, we are now closer to 2030 than 2000...), the November release date for Fantastic Beasts suddenly seems a whole lot closer than it did two weeks ago! Warner Bros. has been helping the cause, of course, releasing a small barrage of promotional titbits over the winter holidays. The first teaser trailer is now out, and you can check that out right here! Today though, we're talking all about the latest promo photo, and it's yet more classic Redmayne!

The poster in question comes courtesy of Empire Online and, as you can see above, a panicked looking Newt Scamander is hurrying his way up a flight of stairs. Perhaps he's heading into that grand hall; the scene of the most recent Fantastic Beasts poster? We know that the infamous monsters escape from that pesky suitcase of his, so maybe he is already on the hunt, trying to round them up from all over New York City. To be honest, apart from how excellent Scamander's blue coat and bow tie looks, all we can think of whilst looking at this photo is that we still know so little about the film. Sure, plenty of teasers and photos have been leaked through to us, but piecing them together into a chronological order is beyond us! So for now, folks, all we can do is wait at home, google all of Eddie Redmayne's past works, and watch them in a marathon-like format (a bit like what people do with all the Star Wars film, but cooler). Are you willing to join us? Good.

Source: Empire Online