Fifty Shades Darker: Bella Heathcote cast as Christian's ex Leila

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Another casting decision has been announced for Fifty Shades Darker and this time it's news that actress Bella Heathcote has been cast to play the role of Leila Williams. Read on for all the details

Now that we know that Fifty Shades Darker will begin filming on February 15 in Vancouver, followed by shooting of the final film Fifty Shades Freed, we are excited for production to get underway so we can see all the set photos and hear news coming off the set. We were happy to hear that the character of Mrs. Robinson had been cast with Kim Basinger in the role. The delay in the announcement had us wondering if the start date would be pushed back again, but luckily it seems like everything is on track. We're sure the longtime Hollywood veteran will bring her own spin to the role of the woman responsible for introducing Christian Grey to the world of BDSM. Dakota Johnson recently teased that Fifty Shades Darker will be kind of scary and more like a thriller. This is surely due in large part to the storylines of Christian's ex and Ana's new creepy boss who are set to rock the boat for the couple who already have enough problems without the intervention of any third parties.

We recently spoke about the fact that we're eagerly awaiting news of who will play the secondary characters of Leila Williams and Jack Hyde in Fifty Shades Darker. It seems like no sooner did we speak than it was announced by several outlets, including Deadline, that the role of Leila, Christian's ex-submissive has gone to Australian actress Bella Heathcote. The actress is a relative newcomer, but starred in the big screen adaption of the vampire TV show Dark Shadows, which came out in 2012. She is also in the film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which came out today in the States. Those interested in seeing what she is like on the big screen ahead of next year's Darker can check her out in the adaption of the iconic Jane Austen book. We are most excited to see her encompass the role of Leila, who is sure to cause trouble and tension between Ana and Christian when she reappears in his life. Now we're just waiting on the announcement of who will play Jack Hyde. For more Fifty Shades Darker updates click the green subscribe button below! What do you think of the choice to cast Bella Heathcote as Christian's ex Leila?

Source: Deadline