Fifty Shades Darker: Bella Heathcote dishes on joining the cast

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Fifty Shades Darker star Bella Heathcote recently dished up some interesting info on the upcoming second installment in E.L. James' erotic saga. Read on to find out more

Fifty Shades author E.L. James recently shared some intriguing photos from the Fifty Shades Darker set, with principal photography on the franchise's second chapter continuing over in Vancouver. Also last week, actress Bella Heathcote - set to play Christian's psychotic former sub Leila Williams - dished on life on set during an interview with People. Talking about co-star Jamie Dornan, who recently welcomed his second baby with wife Amelia Warner, Heathcote revealed that she was able to keep her inner fangirl in check: "It's so funny because Jamie, himself, is so not that! He's a super laid back Irish man with a great sense of humor, so it's weird to even imagine him as the smoldering thing, but I get it because he's super handsome." We'll second that.

With the saga's first installment a box-office smash, we could have forgiven Heathcote for being somewhat intimidated by the film's success, but the actress insisted that the Fifty Shades set is a stress-free zone: "I was worried because it's coming into something that's already established like feeling like the new kid at school, but everyone was really lovely and really welcoming and hilarious. It's a really good vibe on set, which I didn't expect." Heathcote continued: "I feel like the first movie did so well, so everyone is more relaxed on this one... It's just a really good environment to be in." The actress' comments seem to put paid to rumors of tension behind the scenes in relation to Dornan and Johnson's on-screen chemistry. Judging by these photos of Christian and Anastasia taken while cameras were rolling, we'd say fans have nothing to worry about. Are you excited for Fifty Shades Darker?

Source: People