Fifty Shades Darker: Jack Hyde, who should play Ana's new boss?

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Having just about got over the fact that all hope of Henry Cavill starring in Fifty Shades Darker is now gone, we're trying to move onwards and upwards as best we can. So with Superman out of the picture, who should be cast to play Ana's new boss?

There's still a pretty long wait until Fifty Shades Darker hits our screens. But with filming due to start in the new year, those casting bosses need to get their skates on if they're going to find that perfect Jack Hyde fans have been dreaming of. In light of the recent tragic news that Henry Cavill won't be playing Mr Hyde, the game has been thrown wide open, so we at melty thought we'd do the casting team the kind favour of suggesting a few potential candidates for the role. First up we've gone with Jeremy Irvine. Having given such an epic, tear-jerking performance in War Horse, we can better our bottom dollar he'd be convincing. In the past, he's been so committed to playing true to his roles that he's stopped eating for weeks on end and even performed his own torture scenes. Wait, so does that mean he'd have to start hanging out with big shot publishers and small time sexual predators if he was to play Hyde? Well, we're pretty sure he'd be up for it, whatever it entailed. And last, but definitely never least, let's not forget how painfully good looking he is.

Our second potential Hyde comes in the form of the rather tall, dark, and handsome Ian Somerhalder. Most widely known for playing Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, he's had plenty of practice of getting up to no good, making him a solid choice for the next Fifty Shades villain. Indeed, based on his teasers for TVD Season 7, when fans can expect to see Damon being "a hot mess" and "a lushy, smarmy drunk", we're pretty sure he'd do a great job playing the conniving Mr Hyde. Also, now that the love of Damon's life is stuck asleep in a tomb for another half a a century or so, Somerhalder could probably do with another love triangle to sink his teeth into (queue Ana and Christian.) Finally, on a purely superficial level, to go up against Christian Grey you need to be two things: handsome and rich. Hyde already owns his own publishing company, and with Ian Somerhalder playing him, there would be no problems in the looks department. Okay, okay, those teen modelling shoots he did were a little weird, but who can really argue with those cheekbones?

And so we come to our final candidate in the hunt for Mr Hyde, American Horror Story star Wes Bentley. In terms of experience of the dark side, he's definitely got one up on the others. Having delved into the torturous and terrifying world of Ryan Murphy's Horror Story, we are pretty confident that Hyde's unsavoury advances on his assistant Ana wouldn't be a big issue for him. He's also pretty familiar with playing people with a lot of power, having been picked for the role of Head Gamemaker in the first Hunger Games movie. Ultimately, in both Horror Story and The Hunger Games, Bentley's characters met rather sorry ends - something, unfortunately for Hyde, he'd have to practice again should he be cast for Fifty Shades. With the scheduled filming dates getting closer and closer, the search for the perfect Jack Hyde continues, but while all the speculation is fun, we really just want to know who it's going to be. No pressure guys, no pressure. Who do you think would make the hottest Hyde?