Fifty Shades Darker: Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson film iconic 'alley kiss'

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Check out this new photo from the set of Fifty Shades Darker, showing actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in what looks to be the novel's most iconic clinch

Cameras are still rolling on Fifty Shades Darker over in Vancouver, and despite the terrible weather, things seem to be heating up on the set of the second installment in the hugely successful franchise. Yesterday, we treated you to a slew of new behind-the-scenes photos from Fifty Shades Darker (what can we say, TGIF), and now social media's gone one better, with a couple of eagle-eyed users giving us our first look at one of the novel's most iconic scenes. In the photo below, we see Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) sharing a passionate kiss in an alleyway, with other recent on-set intel appearing to corroborate rumours regarding the sequel's famous art gallery scene.

YVRShoots reports that the scene took place at Yaletown's Roundhouse Community Centre, AKA The Port Gallery. Readers of the original novels will know that this is where Ana's best friend, José, exhibits his series of portraits of her, all of which are subsequently bought by Christian. A furious Ana storms out of the gallery, before Christian follows her and tells her that she belongs to him alone. Actor Victor Rasuk, who plays José, yesterday uploaded an photo to Instagram revealing that shooting just wrapped on the scene, with author E.L. James also sharing some intriguing behind-the-scenes photos last week. Are you excited for Fifty Shades Darker to hit cinemas?

Source: YVRShoots / Instagram: @daamieforever14