Fifty Shades Darker to be more of a love story than Fifty Shades of Grey

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Fifty Shades Darker star Marcia Gay Harden recently said that the sequel will show Anastasia and Christian falling in love. Read on for more details.

Fifty Shades has got us fans all aflutter. We wrote earlier this week that filming on Fifty Shades had wrapped up in Vancouverand will soon be moving to Paris for the last few weeks of production. They are set to film post-wedding scenes from Freed in the romantic city, which will entail Ana and Christian riding around on bicycles. We certainly can't wait to see that once it hits the big screen! Did you see the latest set photos from Fifty Shades Freed that we recently shared? It sure looks like the couple is all loved-up and enjoying newly-wed life. Ana is sporting a nice engagement ring and wedding band and the two can be seen kissing and holding hands in the street. Of course since they are being followed by security (and because we know the plot from the books), we know that it won't all be smooth sailing for them in the next two films. But we're confident that love always prevails.

Marcia Gay Harden was recently at the Festival de Télévision in Monte-Carlo and she spoke to Allociné about what to expect from the upcoming movies in the Fifty Shades franchise. At first, the actress remained tight-lipped saying that she wasn't allowed to share anything about the next film. However, she did give a little info on what's to come and added: "The second movie of Fifty Shades becomes much more of a love story, but because there's all the Fifty Shades sex to it, it's a very sexy love story. Whereas in the first one they're just meeting each other, so it's more the intrigue of what is that life about, and the second one they fall in love." She added that she thinks E.L. James' mission is to show that love is capable of changing people. Well it sounds like Gay Harden was able to divulge some good tidbits about Darker! For more Fifty Shades updates click the green subscribe button below! Would you call Fifty Shades a love story?

Source: Allociné