Fifty Shades' filming schedule reveals Ana and Christian's luxurious trip to France

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Fifty Shades Darker recently wrapped filming in Vancouver before the cast and crew packed up and moved across the Atlantic to France. Now, the filming schedule hints at what takes Ana and Christian to the land of bread, cheese, and love.

The cast and crew of Fifty Shades recently celebrated the end of Vancouver filming with a huge wrap party. This week, the team is moving across the pond to France, for the final stages of filming and we're expecting to get some new set photos any day now. Twitter user fsog_greysessed posted some new information, which will give fans an insight into exactly where production is headed in France, and what scenes are currently being filmed. One of the details included is: "Interior/exterior scenes at Paris Opera House." Therefore, we can only guess that Christian is going to take Ana on a whirlwind, cultured tour of the magical city, which means, hopefully, a shot of Ana walking up the famous, marble, opera staircase. It is generally believed that the reason for the couple's French getaway is for their honeymoon, due to the glamorous nature of their trip. Another location in the schedule list is Nice, where the actors will receive jet ski training, in preparation for their underwater scenes in Fifty Shades Freed.

Apparently Christian also has a yacht that he keeps tucked away, as he and Ana will continue their honeymoon on the French riviera before heading to Paris. We recently got more details on the kinky Red Room scenes for Fifty Shades Darker, and who knows, perhaps Christian will also have a Red Room on board his yacht. Fifty Shades Freed, which is the final installment of the trilogy, seems to have a much lighter tone to it, and sees the steamy couple tying the knot (in the traditional sense). Filming of the sequels will come to an end on July 20th, when the cast and crew will head back to Vancouver. Stay tuned for the Fifty Shades Darker release date confirmation of the trailer, which is due to come out sooner than you think! For all the latest news and updates on the Fifty Shades franchise, click the green subscribe button below. Are you looking forward to seeing Ana and Christian in France?

Source: Twitter: @fsog_greysessed