Fifty Shades filming to wrap up in Paris in July

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Production on Fifty Shades Darker and Freed will wind down at the end of next month in the City of Lights. Keep reading for updates on what to expect!

Fifty Shades Darker and Freed have been in production for a few months now and we have been happily writing about all the news coming from the set. And there have been A LOT of photos and juicy info to keep us happy. We wrote about the wedding scene in Freed being filmed and posted the first wedding pic that was released. Author E.L. James also shared a photo of the wedding cake from the momentous scene, which got us even more excited to finally be able to see the couple get married when the final film comes out. With Darker and Freed filming back-to-back star Dakota Johnson described the process as a marathon, which seemingly has no end. However, it is being said that filming will be completed by the end of July, so the finish line is in sight. Now we just have to wait until February 2017 to see the fruit of all that labor, when Darker hits the big screen.

We knew that filming of the Fifty Shades series would be drawing to a close sometime this summer, but we have more definitive news on exactly when we can expect production to wrap. A Twitter user, who goes by the name of Lindsey B has been posting tweets regarding filming. It seems that she works on the Vancouver set of the film and she has been sharing production intel with fans of the series. She posted updates including: "Filming is scheduled to finish in Vancouver July 6th but could go until the 8th if they need more time." Another post concerned the Paris shoot, which read: "The final scene of filming for the series is July 19th on bicycles in front of the Louvre." It seems like they've saved the best for last, with the filming of the romantic Parisian scenes which take place in the final film. Are you more looking forward to seeing Fifty Shades Darker or Freed?

Source: Twitter: @lemon_buzz