Fifty Shades' studio scenes hint at Freed's storyline

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A crew member from the Vancouver set has posted information on Fifty Shades studio scenes being shot this week. Keep reading for details on the scenes and what to expect!

The filming of Fifty Shades Darker and Freed is quickly drawing to a close. But luckily there's still a few more tidbits to share from the set. Most recently, Bella Heathcote dished on playing Leila Williams, the scorned ex-lover of Christian in the second film. The actress said that she chose to approach the role from a sympathetic standpoint, so that the audience wouldn't just automatically hate her because of the fact that she terrorizes Ana. After reading the books and seeing what she does, we're not so sure we'll be able to feel too sorry for her. But maybe Heathcote will bring a little extra to the role and sway us in her direction. It was also reported this week that filming was wrapping up in Vancouver and will shortly be moving to Paris for some final shooting. We are keeping our eyes peeled for photos from the shoot around the City of Lights.

Twitter user Lindsay B is at it again. You might remember a few weeks ago we wrote that filming on Fifty Shades Freed will wrap up in Paris in July. Well the same Twitter user, who is believed to be a member of the Vancouver film crew, is now giving us further insight into Freed's storyline. Her latest post is a screenshot of instructions for interior scenes to be shot. She captioned the tweet with: "How about Thursday studio scenes? Sure. Why not? #FiftyShades" The first interior scene to be filmed is when Anastasia cooks for Christian and he tells her that he likes seeing her barefoot in the kitchen. She makes a joke about being barefoot and pregnant, which kick starts their conversation about having kids. Another key scene on the roster is when Christian comes home drunk. Fans of the books know that this happens after Ana tells Christian she's pregnant. Anastasia's really got her work cut out for her. For more Fifty Shades Darker updates click the green subscribe button below! Are you looking forward to seeing these scenes in Freed?

Source: Twitter: @lemon_buzz