Game of Thrones: Liam Cunningham explains why Season 6 is "astonishing"

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All we've heard about Game of Thrones Season 6 is that it's gonna blow our minds. We don't doubt that, but thanks to Liam Cunningham, we now know why

To a certain extent, Liam Cunningham's Game of Thrones character, Davos Seaworth, has cropped up out of absolutely nowhere. Davos was probably the most prominent of all the gazillion Thrones series regulars in the most recent Season 6 trailer - no mean feat, I think we'll all agree. Ser Davos' cute friendship with Shireen has been a recurring tale throughout the past few seasons, but he abandoned her right before she was horrifically burnt at the stake. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cunningham had the following to say about Shireen's tragic death: “The Twittersphere went mad last year. There were also a couple complaints too – like, ‘Why did you f–king leave [Shireen]?’ There’s now a big expectation about him finding out. I think Davos absolutely needs to find out what happened.” Quite bloody right he needs to find out! But will the Onion Knight be too caught up in Stark dealings to track down Melisandre? Only time will tell...

Davos - in Cunningham's own words - avoided suffering the same fate as Jon Snow by the "skin of [his] teeth" in the Season 5 finale. So what's next for him, and Season 6 in general? According to the actor: “This season’s cool because it resets the chess board and people get partnered with new people. Last year it was ‘worlds colliding.’ This year, it’s almost like you’re in a different drama series. There are new plans – and they’re enormous plans. There are new loyalties. There are new tensions. There are tensions between people where there were not tensions before. The words on the page are as delicious as what we’ve had in the past. And it’s culminating in some of the most remarkable television that’s ever been made. It’s astonishing.” Wow. You can't fault Cunningham for under-playing it - he truly believes (alongside Benioff and Weiss) that this will be the show's best season yet. The tension is building, the anticipation is rising... Are you ready for Game of Thrones Season 6?

Source: Entertainment Weekly