Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 2 trailer, Bran awakens at last

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BRAN IS BACK! The trailer for next Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones teases all sorts of intrigue, but Bran Stark steals the show. Check out the full promo clip below

So Game of Thrones is finally back! Season 6 kicked off last night with "The Red Woman," an episode jam-packed full of all the Thrones staples. Nudity (courtesy of Melisandre of course), epic sword fights, and high levels of treachery dominated proceedings; you can check out our full recap here. Our thoughts now turn to next Sunday's Episode 2, and the trailer is now ready for viewing. It looks dark - which we guess is inevitable really, given how close we are to the series climax - and it begins by reintroducing a young man we haven't seen for quite a while: BRAN'S BACK! He awakens from a vision, lain on the ground. We're not sure if the Three-Eyed Raven is with him, but quicker than a flash, Bran's cameo is over. The trailer then pans to King's Landing, where Cersei comes face-to-face with an army who announce that they are following the "King's orders." Luckily for Cersei, she has the Mountain himself by her side, and not many people would want to mess with him...

There's also an appearance for new BFFs, Brienne and Sansa. The former is determined to track down Arya, but the eldest Stark daughter doesn't know where she might have got to (which is unsurprising, considering they have been separated pretty much since Day 1). Meanwhile, the Boltons are preparing to march on Castle Black, and Jaime comes face-to-face with the High Sparrow. So don't expect a relaxed affair this Sunday night! After Episode 1 treated us to a re-introduction of sorts, involving all our favorite characters, we can expect the show to begin focussing in on certain story lines, episode by episode. So for all you Daenerys fans out there, Episode 2 may be somewhat lacking in Khaleesi-fuelled action, but we can assure you that the escapades of Tyrion in Meereen will more than make up for it *cough* dragon *cough.* Anyway, we're ready, and we hope you are too! Make sure you take our Game of Thrones quiz to get clued up on all things Westeros! Are you excited to welcome back Bran?

Source: YouTube: @Television Promos