Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 3 recap, one Stark returns, and another leaves

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Game of Thrones Season 6 is in full swing, as Arya impresses the House of Black and White, Bran arrives at the Tower of Joy, and the Night's Watch is faced with a number of surprises. Check out our Episode 3 recap

Jon Snow is back in the land of the living! While demonstrating some noteworthy heavy-breathing acting, he sits up, looks into Ghost and Ser Davos's eyes and attempts to come to terms with his revival. His first words are those of disbelief as he utters to the room: "They stabbed me. Olly, he put a knife in my heart. I shouldn't be here." Ser Davos, lets Melisandre into the room so she can witness the fruits of her labour, and reveals: "The lady brought you back." Still in shock, Jon woefully tells Davos: "I did what I thought was right, and I got murdered for it. And now I'm back, why?" Davos advises him to go on, fail, fight, and pursue what is right. Wise words. Jon steps out into the courtyard of Castle Black and is greeted by his stunned men, except for Tommund who chuckles and says: "They think you're some kind of God, the man who returned from the dead," before wrapping him in a large Wildling hug. Jon smiles and then moves towards his friend Edd for another hug. It's adorable and feels as though Jon never left.

In a Game of Thrones Season 6 sneak peek, we saw Sam and Gilly in the midst of stormy seas. The two are making their way to the Citadell and Sam isn't dealing with the journey too well. After Gilly begins to get excited about starting their new life, Sam tells her he's taking her to his home in Hornhill, where his family will take care of her. She's not thrilled at the idea but agrees, letting him know that she sees him as the father of her child, Sam responds by vomiting into a bucket.

Suddenly, we flash to a shot of the much talked about Tower of Joy. Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven look onto the past once again, as a young Ned Stark gallops towards the Tower, where his sister Lyanna is being held captive. He is accompanied by Howland Reed (Meera's father), and their fellow horsemen. They are greeted by Ser Arthur Dayne, who knighted Jaime Lannister. It is an unfair fight and it almost looks as though Ned will be killed, before Ser Arthur is stabbed in the back by Howland. Bran shouts his father's name which causes the Three-Eyed Raven to believe he's getting seduced by the past, and advises him: "You won't be here forever, you won't be an old man in a tree, but before you leave you must learn" Angry, Bran retorts: "Learn what?" To which the Raven says calmly: "Everything."

Still with the Dothraki hoard, Daenerys approaches the never-before-seen settlement of Vaes Dothrak. She is escorted to the Dosh Khaleen, and stripped of everything she owns. She is damned for leaving after Khal Drogo died and told her place is now with the other widows of past Kahls. Here's hoping that Ser Jorah and Daario are not far behind her. Over in Meereen, Varys and Tyrion decide with Missandei and Grey Worm to restore Varys' highly acclaimed spy network across Slaver's Bay to Yunkai, Volantis and Astapor. As we turn to King's Landing, it's revealed that Varys' 'little birds' are children.

Cersei, however, has other plans for Varys' little birds, and orders the children to be sent to all areas of Westeros to find those who are ridiculing her. Possibly not the best use for them but we get it, she's bitter. Along with Jaime and her Kingsguard, she attempts to intervene with the Small Council of King's Landing. On this occasion, the council is accompanied by Olenna Tyrell, who's helping to figure out how they can gain more control over the Sparrows, and have her two grandchildren, Margaery and Loris, released from prison. It's evident that Cersei and Jaime's priorities are not the same as those of the Small Council. Tommen, wishing to take matters into his own hands, confronts the High Sparrow, and pleads that he let Cersei see her daughter Mrycella's final resting place. The High Sparrow not only refuses, but starts to sway Tommen to stand on the side of the faith and against his mother and wife. Cersei won't be happy with this.

In Braavos, Arya and the Waif are now training in The House of Black and White, as opposed to the street. The Waif urges Arya to talk about herself in the third person. Arya's advancement in training is evident as while speaking of her brothers, she says: "They may be dead for all a girl knows." Arya finally strikes a blow against the Waif's face which Jaqen finds pleasing. Taking her into the main hall, next to the well, he tells her: ""If a girl tells me her name, I will give her eyes back" To which Arya refuses by responding: "A girl has no name." As always, this answer pleases him, and so he offers her liquid from the well, Jaqen reassures her by saying: "If a girl is truly no-one, she will have nothing to fear". She drinks and her eyesight is restored!

Up in Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton has assumed the position of Warden of the North. Word has reached them that Jon Snow has let Wildlings past Castle Black, and neighbouring, northern families are fearful for the safety of their houses. During a visit from Smalljon Umber, Ramsay agrees to help, on the condition that the House Umber pledges its allegiance to the Boltons. Smalljon refuses and then presents Ramsay a gift; escorted by guards, Osha and Rickon are brought into the hall. Well, shit. Ramsay asks Smalljon how he can be certain it is Rickon Stark, to which Smalljon responds by placing the head of a dire wolf on the table before him. The terrifying smirk which we first saw when Theon became Reek, appears on Ramsay's face and the audience is left in shock. Iwan Rheon has recently dished on Ramsay's latest victims in Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 2, hopefully Rickon and Osha won't meet the same end!

Back at Castle Black Jon walks across the courtyard to the men who stabbed him, Bowen Marsh, Othell Yarwyck, Alliser Thorne and Olly, who are about to be hanged by the noose. Asking the men if they have any last words, Alliser looks Jon dead in the eye and declares: "I had a choice, Lord Commander, betray you, or betray the Night's Watch." Last in the line of men is Olly, who says nothing. Somehow we doubt there'll be months of speculation and throngs of fans worrying about the legitimacy of their death. Jon turns to Edd, gives him his cloak and hands over the responsibility of Castle Black to his friend. As he leaves the gates Jon states: "My watch has ended." What do you think will come next for Jon Snow?

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