Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 4 recap, our Khaleesi is back

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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 3 had us weeping into our Stark flag before we even reached the five minute mark, and shouting "YES QUEEN" at our screens as the credits started rolling. Check out our recap to relive the best moments from "Book of the stranger"

Jon Snow is leaving, no Edd, stop looking at him like he's leaving and never coming back. What's that? Sansa has showed up? Ok he's staying. Yes, the moment we've been waiting nearly six seasons for has finally arrived, the Stark children are starting to reunite. Sansa, Brienne and Pod arrived at Castle Black, and Jon and Sansa's hug was almost too much for us to handle. Later that evening they reminisce about the good old days when they were young and annoying, until Sansa takes a more serious note and urges her brother to go into battle against the Boltons and take back Winterfell. Unfortunately, Sansa's plea isn't enough to sway him. Meanwhile, the Red Woman tells Davos that her place is now with Jon. He points out her fickle nature and presses her to tell him where Shireen is. Davos, mate, you don't want to know.

Meanwhile, Robin Arryn is in the process of trying to become a warrior and is doing a piss poor job of it. Littlefinger then arrives at Runestone where Robin is being fostered by Lord Yohn Royce, and persuades him to gather the knights of The Vale and march on Winterfell, to which he agrees. Over in the great pyramid of Meereen, the slave masters of Astapor come to meet with Tyrion and tell him to leave, in order for them to bring back slavery to the city. Tyrion speaks for Daenerys and tells them that slavery will never return to Meereen but they will give them time to abolish the trade in their cities, seven years to be exact. Missandei and Grey Worm are furious with his decision and the slaves of Meereen are furious with all three of them. Either way, Tyrion needs a drink.

Daario and Ser Jorah are on the the hunt for Daenerys and are bickering about her affection for them. As they continue, they find Vaes Dothrak. Jorah urges them to leave their equipment behind and Daario reluctantly accepts, however that's not without spotting the growing Greyscale on Jorah's arm. Suddenly his look turns to pity, knowing that Greyscale is considered a death sentence. They wait for nightfall and sneak through the markets. Daenerys meanwhile, is being lectured by the High Priestess of the Dosh Khaleen, until she takes it upon herself to have some alone time with the younger of the widows, with whom she speaks freely. Finally Jorah and Daario come to her aid, but she already has a plan. Emilia Clarke has recently spoken about Daenerys' journey to ruling the world and it looks like she's starting to pick up the pieces and resume her plans to take back the Iron Throne.

Margaery is still remaining tight-lipped about her brother's sins and is then led from her cell to meet the High Sparrow. He recounts his life of debauchery before finding faith, all in an attempt to get Margery to confess. Once he believes he's got through to her, he then lets her see Loras. However, our Margaery is one tough cookie, she urges her brother to stay strong but Loris is in pretty rough shape which leaves her concerned that he may break and confess. We recently teased Cersei's plans to save Margaery in Game of Thrones Season 6, and up in the Red Keep, it seems that those plans are already in motion. Cersei lets Lady Olenna Tyrell know that Margaery will also do the walk of shame which none of them will allow, and so they start to plot. We're expecting some conflict in Kings Landing over the next couple of episodes. Further north, Theon arrives home and reunites with Yara. She's still furious that he betrayed her, but he starts to set things right by vowing to stand by her side in her quest to rule the Iron Islands.

In Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton brings Osha into his chamber in order to get information about the Starks. Just when we all think that she'll be able to kill him, Ramsay stabs our faithful badass in the neck and she bleeds to death. This man needs to be stopped. At that moment, a messenger carrying the flag of the flayed man arrives at Castle Black. Brienne and Tormund are making eyes at each other over dinner and no doubt playing footsie under the table. Jon is handed the letter from Ramsay and he reads it aloud. The letter informs Jon that he has Rickon in his dungeon, and that he will strike them all down with the full force of his army. Sansa, realising that this is their chance to get back Winterfell, finally persuades Jon to gather the Wildlings, their friends in the North, and fight the Bolton army.

Daenerys is brought before the High Council in Vaes Dothrak, to hear their decision on whether or not she will be allowed to stay in the Dosh Khaleen. She then interrupts their discussion with a speech about Khal Drogo, her respect for him, and that the current Khal is unfit to lead the Dothraki people, but she is not. They all laugh in her face, to which she has never taken kindly, and true to form she responds by burning them all. She remains unharmed by the fire and emerges from the flames very, very naked, before the entirety of the Dothraki people. Like many before them, they kneel before her. Our Queen is back! What did you make of Game of Thrones Episode 4?

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