Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 6 recap, saved by an old friend

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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 6, sees Bran reunited with someone from his past, Jaime's ego get a beating and little Samwell being downright adorable. Read on for our recap of "Blood of My Blood"

If dragging a human body and a whole heap of fur across a frozen landscape while being chased by the undead was an Olympic Sport, Meera would win gold. The episode starts with Meera pulling Bran (who is still on a heavy Three-Eyed Raven trip), across the snow in order to escape the White Walkers pursuing them, but it's all too clear that they are too slow, and too human to outrun them. If you're still in shock over Game of Thrones Episode 5, check out our recap of "The Door", where Hodor held the Walkers off for as long as he could, but despite his will and his might, he was vastly outnumbered.

We go into Bran's visions, and see the Mad King Aerys at the height of his insanity, ordering Jaime to"burn them all!" 'Them' being the Lannister army, including his father, which then moves to another flash of Jaime walking towards Aerys to kill him for the sake of those he loves. Another flash sees the White Walkers swarming into Castle Black and going up, over the wall itself. Just as Meera realises that there is no hope and they will certainly be killed, a rider slaughters all the Walkers coming towards them and takes Bran and Meera on his horse away with him to safety (think Arwen and Frodo in Lord of The Rings).

Sam and Gilly are on their way to House Tarly. Sam is clearly not looking forward to their arrival, mainly because his father hates Wildlings above all others and Sam neglected to tell them that Gilly comes from the land of the free folk. However, as incredibly kind his mother and sister are to Sam, Gilly and little Samwell, (who is utterly adorable), Sam's father is not nearly as welcoming. At dinner, Sam's father is terrible and even has the nerve to fat-shame Sam. He obviously has a multitude of insecurities and doesn't consider Sam becoming the Maester of the Night's Watch to be a manly enough profession. Gilly stands up for Sam and in doing, she let's slip that she's a Wilding. Woops. His father promptly disowns Sam and tells him Gilly will work in the kitchen. This of course is an insult to Sam, and he leaves the castle, and takes his father's sword, Heartsbane, with him. Over in King's Landing, the High Sparrow and Tommen discuss Margery's walk of atonement.

In Braavos, Arya is watching the same play that tells the story of the Lannisters. Arya is mightily impressed by the actress who she has been sent to kill. Off to the side of the stage she sees the girl who plays Sansa mouthing every word the lead speaks, and Arya clicks that it is she who wants the actress dead, so that she may take her place. Richard E. Grant is at it once again, playing the role of Tywin Lannister, and he does a superb job. During the Shakespearien-esque play, Arya sneaks in and poisons the actress's rum, as instructed by Jaq'en. As she leaves, the actress catches her off-stage and the two have a short chat which makes Arya second-guess her instructions. She smacks the poisoned rum out of the actress' hand and quickly leaves. The Waif of course sees her, and asks Jaq'en for his permission to to kill Arya, he agrees on the condition that his protégée doesn't suffer. However, Arya is one step ahead, as she uncovers needle and hides it by her bed.

Margery is preparing for her walk of atonement, outside of the Great Sept of Baelor, ready to begin her walk of atonement. That is, until Jaime strolls in with the Kingsguard behind him and orders that the proceedings stop. Lady Olenna also shows up, fanning herself like a boss. Jaime demands that Loras and Margery be set free. Much to his annoyance, the High Sparrow swats away his aims to look like the more powerful party, and announces that there will be no walk of atonement, Loras and Mergery will be set free, and he and Tommen have made an alliance between the faith and the crown. Needless to say, Margery is a clever girl indeed, as she is undoubtedly behind this new development. Jaime does not approve, not one bit. Tommen is under the impression that he looks like a fabulous King, but what he doesn't realise, is that it now looks like the High Sparrow is more powerful than the crown. Jaime is pissed off, and Tommen swiftly sends him to the North to fight.

Walder Frey is annoyed that Blackfish (Brynden Tully) has overtaken Riverrun, and with Jon Snow and Sansa on their way, he's feeling a bit vulnerable. The Mallisters are rallying against the Freys, along with the Blackwoods and the Brotherhood Without Banners is rallying commoners. However, Walder does not feel that all is lost, as he has managed to capture Edmure Tully, Catelyn's brother and heir to Riverrun. Jaime and Cersei are plotting. Jaime has been sent by Tommen to go to Riverrun and deal with Blackfish, who has taken Riverrun back from House Frey. Jaime is nursing his bruised ego after his efforts were diminished by the High Sparrow. Cersei however, wants him to fight, so he can show his true value in battle. Jaime fears for her safety as her trial is coming up soon, but she has no fear, she has the mountain.

Meera is watching their masked rescuer skin a rabbit for dinner. Bran awakes and asks to see his new friend's face. The man removes his wraps and we see the face of Uncle Bejen! Hoorah, he wasn't just shipped off into the North to be forgotten about forever, he's alive! Well, sort of, he reveals that the White Walkers stabbed him in the gut with a sword of ice, quite some time ago and it was the Children of the Forest who saved him from death, by stabbing him in the heart with dragonglass. Upon giving Bran some rabbits blood to give him some energy, Benjen also implores him to learn to control his new found power. If you can't wait to find out what else is predicted for Bran and Benjen in the coming episodes, check out the Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers that you know you want to know.

Over in Essos, Daenerys is leading the Dothraki army out of Vaes Dothrak, and she and Daario talk about the amount of ships they will need to get to Westeros, he advises that with all of the horses she has, as well as the unsullied and the Dothraki army, she will need at least 1000 ships. This has made a few of us worry, as we saw in Episode 5, that Euron Greyjoy also plans to sail to Essos and give Daenerys 1000 ships in exchange for his hand in marriage. She asks the riders to wait for her and she gallops off. As the men get restless, they hear an unfamiliar sound and suddenly Drogon flies over them and lands at the Dothraki's feet, with Daenerys on his back. She announces that she chooses all of her men to be her blood riders, and rallies the men to come with her across the Iron Sea. Daario is once again hella impressed. What did you think of Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 6?

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