Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 6 spoiler photos

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We've taken the bend, and now we're heading for the finish line. The second half of Game of Thrones' sixth season begins this week. Be sure to check out these spoiler photos to get yourself in the mood

The Khaleesi is prepped and ready for "Blood Of My Blood" - well, we can only assume, but that episode title is a huge, A-bomb-sized hint that Daenerys will be in the thick of the action come Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 6. According to the synopsis: "An old foe comes back into the picture. Gilly meets Sam’s family. Arya faces a difficult choice. Jaime faces off against the High Sparrow." Oh... Literally no mention of Daenerys whatsoever... She does feature in the trailer for "Blood Of My Blood" however, as well as making an appearance in this week's spoiler photos! Check out the full set of seven below - they suggest a heavy dose of King's Landing, complimented by a spritely flourish of Arya. Incidentally, one character who we're certain won't crop up in "Blood Of My Blood" is Hodor (sorry), and you can check out Kristian Nairn discussing his character's sacrifice by following this link.

First things first, doesn't Jaime look majestic AF on that horse!? Having returned to his spiritual home of King's Landing, the Lannister brother is looking more and more like the 'old Jaime' from previous seasons, and that can only be a good thing (although for his sake, it's a shame Brienne is off getting hassled and harassed by Tormund...). Another of the snapshots sees Margaery knelt before the High Sparrow out on the streets. Could this be it? Will Margaery undergo a walk of atonement just like Cersei? Or will the King's mother come to her rescue in the nick of time? And what of Arya Stark (or, should we say, The Girl With No Name)? She's seen out amongst the public again in these preview stills, seemingly prepped and ready to complete her first mission for Jacken H'Gar. There may be no 'northern action' teased in the above photos, but rest assured, there will be more than enough drama to keep us occupied! Do you think Margaery will carry out a walk of atonement?

Source: HBO