Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 6 trailer, Margaery's walk of shame

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The day of reckoning has come for Margaery Tyrell. As is teased in the trailer below, Natalie Dormer's character could be about to complete her own walk of atonement. Check it out below

"Hold the door, hold the door..." Those words will probably go with us to our grave now - thanks, Messers Benioff and Weiss... "The Door" was a truly heart-wrenching episode, as we finally learnt the truth behind Hodor's condition, before he was unceremoniously wiped from the show (as only Game of Thrones could get away with). Our thoughts now turn to Episode 6, "Blood Of My Blood," and the trailer is available to watch below! Natalie Dormer spoke out about Margaery's predicament last week, with a rather revealing BTS clip hinting at the queen's imminent release from the High Sparrow's prison. Well, it looks like Margaery's day of reckoning has finally arrived. In a hark back to that memorable Season 5 finale, Margaery stands before her people on the steps of the High Sparrow's chamber. The latter lists her crimes to the citizens of King's Landing, as Margaery prepares to carry out her walk of atonement.

But the Lannisters will NOT allow this to go ahead without a fight! We see Jaime, Cersei and Tommen all plotting to slow the High Sparrow in any way they can, with Lena Headey erupting into a familiarly spirited speech: "We should treat them without mercy and we will. Show them what we do to our enemies!" But Margaery's isn't the only tale that needs resolving; Daenerys is on the march! After escaping from the Dothraki in a literal blaze of fire (which you can read about here), the Mother of Dragons is back to fighting fitness. Where's next for dear Dany? We don't know that, but it sounds like she's preparing to conquer yet another western city. As they ride horseback through the desert, Daario turns to his queen and announces: "You're a conqueror, Daenerys Stormborn." Oh no she isn't! "I take what is mine," the Khaleesi proclaims. Damn, good luck to whichever metropolis is next in her sights... Will you be watching "Blood Of My Blood"?

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