Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 7 recap, guess who's back, back again

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"The Broken Man" sees the return of a familiar face, along with the start of some key Game of Thrones Season 6 battles! Find out what went down with our spoiler-filled Episode 7 recap

Game of Thrones Episode 7 begins with the reveal that the Hound is indeed still alive. We knew it! But more on him later. Following the previous episode, which saw Margaery use her newly-found faith to work her way out of doing that walk of shame, she is a new woman now. Check out our GoT Season 6: Episode 6 recap if you missed out on the "Blood of My Blood" action. At King's Landing Margaery is keeping up her pious act, although we don't believe her for a second. The High Sparrow also makes a comment after Margaery recites a verse from the Book of the Mother saying: "There are some who know every verse of the sacred text, but don't have a drop of the Mother's Mercy in their blood." Margaery is really dedicated to her new persona and apparently hasn't been sleeping in Tommen's bed, however the High Sparrow tells Margaery that she must do her part and produce an heir.

The High Sparrow then praises Margaery on the progress she's made, but makes a cryptic comment about her grandmother, Lady Olenna. He instructs Margaery to teach her the new way, and all but threatens Lady Olenna if she continues her sinful ways. Margaery then talks to her grandmother, who is not at all happy that Septa Unella is part of the conversation. Lady Olenna is even more shocked when Margaery says that Loras must confess to his sins, renounce his name and title and live the rest of his days in penitence if he wants to be a free man. Our belief that Margaery is putting on an act is confirmed when she sneakily slips her grandmother a drawing of a rose while urging her to return to Highgarden (Margaery's eyes scream: "For your own safety Grandmother!"). When Cersei hears that Lady Olenna is leaving, she tries to convince her to stay and fight the Sparrows to save her grandchildren. However Lady Olenna knows well enough to get the hell out of King's Landing before she ends up in a cell alongside Loras.

In the North Jon Snow manages to secure the help of the Wildlings to fight against the Boltons. It took some convincing, but once Tourmund reminds the others that Jon literally died to save them and that it's in their best interest to stop the Boltons they pledge their allegiance to Jon. Sansa, Jon and Ser Davos then ask Lady Lyanna for House Mormont's support in the fight against the Boltons. With the help of Davos' riveting speech, Lady Lyanna keeps her alliance with House Stark, but can only give 62 fighting men. Sansa is determined to get more men, but Jon doesn't want to beg any more of the Northern houses for their support. So Sansa takes matters into her own hands and writes a letter, which we believe she will send off to Littlefinger to request backup. Meanwhile Yara, Theon and their fellow comrades, who helped steal the Iron Islands' ships right out from under Euron's nose, make a pit stop at a brothel. But Theon feels out of place and cannot enjoy in the festivities. Yara gives him a much-needed pep talk and declares that they are going to find Daenerys and take back the Iron Islands.

As teased in the GoT Season 6: Episode 7 spoiler photos, Jaime and Bronn arrive at Riverrun just in time to see Lothar Frey and Walder Rivers threatening to slit Lord Edmure's throat if the Blackfish doesn't surrender control of the castle. But when the Blackfish doesn't play ball, the Frey boys don't carry through with their threat. Jaime then takes control of the siege and puts the Freys' men to work to take Riverrun. Blackfish agrees to meet with Jaime, but refuses to give up the castle, saying that he was born there and is ready to die there if that's what it comes to. Jaime and his men will either have to force them out or wait two years until their provisions run out and they starve.

In Braavos Arya is on the run from the Faceless Men. She procures passage on a ship to Westeros, but must wait until morning. The Waif, wearing the face old a sweet-looking old lady, sneaks up on Arya and repeatedly stabs her in the stomach. But Arya manages to fight back and jumps into the river. When Arya doesn't emerge on the surface of the water, the Waif seems to take that to mean that Arya is dead. However Arya exits another part of the river and walks through town soaking wet and dripping blood.

Sandor Clegane has been reborn after Ian McShane's Brother Ray found him barely alive days after his fight with Brienne. Brother Ray helps the Hound to realize that despite all the bad things he's done in the past, it's never too late to come back and start doing good for others. Some men ride up to the group and ask for supplies and food, but Brother Ray maintains that they have none. The men leave, but not before threatening to plunder the campsite come nightfall. The Hound is upset with Ray for not wanting to fight. After cutting wood in the forest, the Hound returns to camp to find that everyone has been slain by the men on horseback, except for Ray who was hanged from the wooden structure that the good people were building. The look on the Hound's face says "enough is enough" as he picks up an ax and goes off in search of the men. Are you happy to see that the Hound is still alive?

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