Game of Thrones Season 6, is Varys a merling?

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Varys is a Game of Thrones scharacter who knows everything, but what do we know about him? This new fan theory has us all questioning the heritage of Daenerys' adviser.

The fact that Varys has always been one step ahead of everyone else in the Game of Thrones is something which makes us admire him, but also question him as the seasons have gone by. During Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 10, we not only saw Dany set sail to Westeros, but we saw Varys go to inexplicable lengths to make sure he was on the ship with her. One moment, he was conversing with Lady Olenna in Dorne, and the next, he was on a boat sailing from Meereen to King's Landing, which is not a short carriage ride away, that's for sure! This topic launched a thousand theories as to how Varys got went from Dorne, to Mereen, to the middle of the ocean so quickly; going from Jet-Skis to his Little Birds changing form to become thousands of actual little birds.

The Dan Cave channel addressed this theory in a recent clip, by first giving the logical response to this theory by saying: "Dorne is on the south-eastern tip of Westeros. Meereen on the other hand, is located across the narrow sea to the south west in Essos, so naturally they have to pass by Dorne on the way to King's Landing." However, although that is definitely the most sensible explanation, a little pit stop in Dorne is definitely not the most groundbreaking.

The second possibility is that Varys is a merling (of course it is)! According to Dan, the route of this particular theory begins in the books, when Arya is stalking Varys and Illyrio Mopatis in the Red Keep of King's Landing. Arya hears water dripping in the distance and in the books, she sees the two men emerging from a well and follows them until they disappear when the sewers meets the river. Later on in the series, Tyrion threatens to throw Varys into the sea to which Varys replies: "You might be disappointed." We here at melty however, would not be disappointed to see Varys perform a synchronised swim in his merling form, would that be a possibility?

Speaking about the bigger picture, Dan highlights that being on Daenerys' side would be to Varys' advantage. After Daenerys' dragons wipe out the White Walkers, winter would then come to an end, which would cause the ice to melt, and sea levels to rise, creating more merling territory. This would leave one Kingdom high enough to be safe from harm, the Eyrie. As Peter Baelish is the current ruler, and previously stated to have Varys under control, he could manipulate his way to become the Merling King. Game of Trones producer D. B. Weiss and David Benioff have recently discussed this series' final two seasons, and we're not ruling out that there could still be room to turn this theory into a reality What do you think of this Game Of Thrones theory?