Game of Thrones Season 6: Maisie Williams expertly pranks her fans

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There's three days until Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 1 hits our screens, and Maisie Williams decided that the best course of action to promote the series, would be to prank her excited fans

Where's the best place for a Game of Thrones star to surprise unsuspecting fans? You guessed it, an Aero Hobbies store in Santa Monica, California. Nylon Magazine's covergirl Maisie Williams decided to head down to the store under the alias of Lorraine, the cashier, and like a pro, she didn't break character once. Luring in the clientèle with the promise of free Game of Thrones merchandise, she first gave them instructions to reenact scenes from the show, rewarding their efforts with goodies. Obviously, all of the fans who entered the store immediately recognised the 19 year old actress but, she smoothly deflected their questions, most especially after one person in particular said he knew her, she reversed the line of questioning by saying: "I was just thinking that I recognised you, where are you from? Have you ever been to England? Tinder?" I think she can leave Needle at home after that sting. Holding up a figurine of her character from the show she exclaimed: "What, you think I'm this? This is a little boy. This looks nothing like me!"

In a recent string of footage released from Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 1, viewers saw William's Arya learning to fight blind, but there was no sign of those pesky contacts in this clip, as she encouraged fans to go to town with their impersonations of the show's characters. In the video we see a stunning array of impressions, from King Joffrey's death, to Daenerys flying away on Drogon's back, even to Cersei's naked walk of shame! After being asked to participate in one person's improvisation as her character's younger brother, Brann, Williams said: "I've got to psych myself up for this, I've never done acting before!" Classic Lorraine. Many members of the Game of Thrones cast have been experimenting with their promos for Season 6, with Sophie Turner whacking out her best Jon Snow impression and lip-syncing to Justin Bieber. This beats being asked for the umpteenth time if Jon Snow is really dead, I bet. Hit the green subscribe button below to get all the last news from Game of Thrones. Are you excited to see Maisie Williams reprise her role as Arya Stark in Season 6?

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