Game of Thrones Season 6's executive producers apologize for Episode 5

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Never has there been a more tongue-in-cheek apology in the history of television. Benioff and Weiss appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show in the wake of "The Door" to address THAT Hodor revelation

At the time of writing, the revelations about Hodor's origins are still just four days old, yet "Hold the door" has already wormed its way into our daily lives. Leaving the office? Chances are someone will now shout "Hodor" at you. Getting into an elevator? Same thing. In an exclusive clip on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Game of Thrones producers, Benioff and Weiss, issued a heartfelt apology for the events that transpired in Episode 5 - not for the killing of Hodor, interestingly, but for the lasting effect that "The Door" will have on our daily lives: "We'd like to apologise for Sunday's episode," they announce. "Not for killing Hodor - we kill a lot of main characters (we've killed 739 main characters so far) - we're sorry for all the idiots who from now on will be shouting "Hodor" every time you go through a door." IT HAS ALREADY STARTED HAPPENING, GOD DAMMIT!

Cue a couple of super cheesy clips of people actually enforcing this unwritten 'Hodor rule'. "We forgot how annoying people can be - that's our bad," admits Weiss. But it's too late for apologies - the plague is spreading, everybody is becoming a Hodor maniac! One thing the clips noticeably avoid highlighted is the emotional trauma caused by hearing "Hold the door" nowadays. It's not unusual for somebody to collapse in a ball of tears and feels upon hearing those dreaded three words - WE REALLY MISS HODOR, OKAY!? Benioff and Weiss have been particularly busy in the wake of Episode 5 actually; more so than normal (check out their thoughts on all things "The Door" here). This suggests that Thrones Season 6 is beginning to build towards an almighty climax. We're half way through this year's quota of episodes already - things are moving so quickly! Have you held the door for anyone yet this week?

Source: YouTube: @Jimmy Kimmel Live