Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers that you know you want to know

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'S' as in spoiler, 'P' as in poiler, 'O' as in oiler 'I' as in I see your spoiler and I raise you an angry mob, 'L' as in loud cries of fans having read spoilers, ' E' as in eeeesh that's a spoiler, and 'R' as in right now let's get down to these spoils!

Now we know what you're all thinking, why, when you spend your time swatting away spoilers each week, would we then offer a whole heap of them up on a plate for you to be tempted by? Because we know deep down that you really want to know. Yes, we may be making excuses for ourselves, but either way, we're going to share it with you. These spoilers have not been confirmed, but a reddit user going by the name 'Truede' who is seemingly from the inside circle of Game of Thrones, originally posted an article which has since been taken down and reposted exactly as it was by user ni2tre. So here goes: The last time we saw Jon and Sansa, they were leaving Castle Black in search of allies, the post expands on their journey to come and reveals: "The Starks only get the support from the Hornwoods, another show-only house and they go to Bear Island and meet with Lyanna Mormont. She supports them, but has very few men to spare as well." Little do they know that Littlefinger has already rallied the army of The Vale.

During Episode 4, we saw Davos try to get Melisandre to speak of the whereabouts of Shireen Baratheon, and it seems that this quest for a large army uncovers more than just soldiers. Truede explains: "During this journey, Davos comes across Stannis' old camp near Longlake, where Shireen was sacrificed. He finds the wooden stag-figure he made for her. He gets very pissed and confronts Melisandre about it. She admits doing it." If you've forgotten, "it" was burning Shireen alive. Yeesh. Moving over to Arya and her relentless training with the Waif, Truede said: "Arya is sent by the Faceless Men to kill an actress. She refuses to do this for some reason and Jaquen orders the Waif to go after her. Arya kills her and flees Braavos it seems." Honestly, we feel that someone a bit more important would've led Arya to flee the House of Black and White, not someone who we only got introduced to an episode ago, but we shall just have to wait and see if this leads onto bigger things.

If you are still in a state of distress after Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 5, read our recap to remind yourself that that nightmare was real. Meera and Bran have escaped the root cave, leaving Hodor behind (*sniff*), but Truede has assured us that the whisperings of a reappearance from a long lost friend may be true by writing: "When they are pursued [by White Walkers], they are saved by Benjen Stark apparently and taken to The Wall, before he departs again. Bran has a vision when he gets to the Wall, where he sees the last of the Tower of Joy-scene. We see Ned and Lyanna and we see a baby crying. Lyanna whispers something to Ned, that we don't hear." We here at melty think that this whisper will shed some much needed light on the theory that Lyanna asks Ned to look after her son Jon Snow.

Over in Kings Landing, Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 6's trailer sees Margery prepare to take her walk of shame. But, it doesn't stop there, as it seems that the Iron Throne is too much for some, as Truede revealed: "Not sure what happens to Loras or Margery, but Tommen kills himself. He apparently jumps out of a window in the Red Keep." In that case, Cersei's prophecy was true, all three of her children will die, but on whom will she place the blame this time? Brienne and Pod are not necessarily having the best time either in their quest to Riverrun, as Truede disclosed: "In the Riverlands, Brienne and Pod arrive in Jamie's camp. Bronn surprises Pod by 'strangling' him, his way of saying hello. Brienne and Jamie has a discussion in Jamie's tent. He doesn't like that she is siding w. the Tullys. A battle ensues inside Riverrun, and Brienne is barely able to escape. The Blackfish is presumably killed off-screen/uncertain in the ensuing battle. Not sure what happens to Brienne." Tormund will try to save Brienne but she's already slaughtered every person who attempted to attack her, that's what will happen. What do you think of these rumours? Will they come to light or are they just fickle?

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