Game of Thrones, will Sansa try to take Winterfell from Jon in Season 7?

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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 10, saw Sansa welcoming Jon as a Stark, that was until Littlefinger got involved. Read on to find out our theory on what's going to go down in Winterfell during Season 7.

Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode 10, confirmed Jon Snow's heritage, as the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, essentially making him the most politically complicated character in Westeros. During this episode, we also saw Sansa being given an offer from Littlefinger which she visibly found hard to refuse. He told her that if she and he were to marry, she would then become Queen of the North. Also during their conversation in the godswood, Littlefinger voiced his dream of sitting on the iron throne, with Sansa at his side. This seemed to be out of the question for her, as she backed away from his advances.

However, back in Winterfell, the united houses declared Jon King of the North, everyone stood in celebration, except for Sansa and Littlefinger who exchanged a look which seemed to foreshadow conflict in the seasons to come. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sophie Turner who plays Sansa on the show, explained her character's motives by saying: "There's a bit of jealousy there. She looks at Littlefinger knowing that he would have put her as Queen in the North, and given her the credit she deserves. I don't think she's gunning for the Iron Throne anytime soon, but she realizes that Littlefinger might be a better ally than she thought, a more trustworthy ally than she thought." Sansa has been to hell and back since she left Winterfell in Season 1, therefore it is possible that she could turn her back on Jon, and use Littlefinger to gain power.

However if Bran, who discovered the secret about Jon's heritage, is able to get past The Wall and back to Winterfell, there is a chance that he will be able to save any conflict between the siblings. When asked what this news would mean for both Sansa and Jon, Turner explained: "I think it may even heal the relationship between Jon and Sansa somewhat, because she's always taken her mother's view of how Jon entered the family. I think finding out that her father did not cheat on Catelyn and had an illegitimate child, would probably build a few bridges rather than burn them." In that case, let's hope that Bran gets to Winterfell as soon as possible before Littlefinger can cause any more damage. Check out Isaac Hempstead-Wright's thoughts on what the Tower of Joy sequence signifies for the future of Game of Thrones. Do you think that Sansa will try to overthrow Jon in Season 7?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter