Gilmore Girls, find out how and why Rory's suitors' styles have changed

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Gilmore Girls first aired in 2000, and you only need to look at Jess's corduroy jacket to know that styles have changed since then. Thankfully, costume designer Brenda Maben is here to discuss how the styles of Rory's exes have changed since we last saw them.

The Gilmore Girls revival season has welcomed back all of its original cast members, including Rory Gilmore's ex-boyfriends, Jess, Dean and Logan. Almost ten years have past since the show came to its initial end in 2007, and therefore its certain that each of the characters' jobs, personal lives, and looks would have changed since that time. This is when the show's costume designer, Brenda Maben is at her most valuable. It was up to her to take the integral nature of the character, merge it with their current storyline, all the while making sure that each actor was happy with the evolution of their character's image. When asked by Warner Bros. Costume how she chose each of the looks for Jess, Dean and Logan, Maben explained: "Option number one (whose name won't be mentioned), he pretty much stayed the same only a lot more sophisticated because he's ten years older now, and he's been in the work force." We have a feeling that she is referring to Dean here. As his final appearance on the show in Season 5, saw him settled and making a living for himself in Stars Hollow.

Moving onto the next of Rory's exes, Maben revealed: "Option number two I kept basically the same because of his personality on the show, he wouldn't have changed very much. He always wore dark colours, his palette was always more greys and blacks and not colourful, not too many colours and I wanted to keep it like that and so did he." This person seems most likely to be Jess, as was always very settled in his style. He is too stubborn to change his way of dressing for a job, and as a writer, it seems as though there would be no need for him to drastically change his appearance for his professional life.

Finally Maben came to the last man on her list. "And then option number three, I took away his turtleneck sweaters. He's making a lot of money and he's the creator of his own style, he doesn't have to answer to anyone so he could do anything he wanted as far as his style was concerned and he kind of kept it very high style." Maben is almost certainly referring to Logan here, as he loved a good turtleneck sweater. Logan was at the point of taking a very good position in San Francisco towards the Season 7 finale episode, therefore doesn't surprise us that he is still living the high life, and showing off his wealth through his clothes. If the suspense is killing you, click here to find out who Rory won't be ending up with in the Gilmore Girls revival season. Which, if any, of Rory's former flames are you most excited to see?

Source: YouTube: @WarnerBros.Costume