Gilmore Girls: Michelle Obama to cameo in the revival season?

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Michelle Obama shared a Snapchat pic of herself with Alexis Bledel, which got fans wondering if the First Lady will be making an appearance in the Gilmore Girls revival. Read on for the answer!

The Gilmore Girls revival has been causing quite a stir since it was announced a few months ago. When filming finally got underway and we were able to see photographic proof that our dreams had come true, which got us even more excited. It was recently revealed that Rory will not be getting back together with Dean in the reboot, although he will make a brief appearance. Dean fans likely took this news hard, however, we're rooting for Rory and Jess, and this gave us even more hope that they will work it out. Milo Ventimiglia described the new revival episodes as classic Gilmore, so at least we know all the original humor will be back again. Now we're just waiting on Netflix to announce when the new episodes will be added to the streaming service and then we can really start rejoicing.

It appears that fans of Gilmore Girls are as far-reaching as the White House. Following a Snapchat shared by the First Lady, many were asking whether or not Michelle Obama will be making a cameo in the upcoming GG revival on Netflix. In the pic, FLOTUS is holding a box of Pop Tarts and Alexis Bledel is standing looking at her. Across the photo is the caption: "It's Rory! More coming soon..." Bledel also shared a pic of herself on Snapchat at the White House. However, a rep for Netflix unequivocally shot down the rumors of Obama making a cameo and told ET Online: "Michelle Obama is not in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. It was just something fun Alexis did to support the launch of Michelle's Snapchat channel and her Let Girls Learn initiative." Fans of the show will likely be disappointed, especially since when the show ended in 2007, Rory was going off to report on Barack Obama's campaign trail. For more Gilmore Girls updates click the green subscribe button below! Would you have liked to see Michelle Obama make a Gilmore Girls cameo?

Source: ET Online