Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham introduces the series to ALL Netflix sites accross the globe

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Gilmore Girls is going wild with teaser clips, behind the scenes snaps and cast interviews for the upcoming revival season. Now, Lauren Graham has an announcement that will make fans around the world extremely happy.

As if the confirmation of a Gilmore Girls revival season wasn't exciting enough, Lauren Graham has just announced that Netflix will introduce the show to all of its international sites. This is wonderful news for many reasons, one of which being that this may be a big step towards the world becoming a better place (this is not an exaggeration). Now, millions more people around the world will be able to let themselves get taken away to the cozy, intelligent, boundary-brushing world of Stars Hollow. Graham made the announcement by saying 'hello' in a multitude of languages, which then led her to this important statement: "Any place you can watch Netflix, you can watch Gilmore Girls, starting July 1st. You may have heard new episodes of Gilmore Girls coming later this year, we can't wait. Maybe you've seen Gilmore Girls, or you've never seen Gilmore Girls, or you've always meant to watch it. Either way, now you can, starting July 1st." What Graham doesn't know (or perhaps she does, she's a smart cookie) is that she has now lit the way for a worldwide binge before the revival season is released.

We do not yet have a confirmation date for the revival season, but a recent tweet from the Gilmore Girls Twitter account has led us to believe that we'll be getting an announcement sooner rather than later. Graham ended her statement by highlighting one of the show's most defining qualities: "Careful, we talk fast," which has got us super excited for what's to come and grateful that the show seemingly has lost none of its original charm. Alexis Bledel, the other half of the Gilmore Girls coin, also took part in a promotional video for the upcoming season. In the teaser Bledel appears in character as Rory, has an endearing encounter with Michelle Obama in the White House, and in true Gilmore Girls style offers the First Lady a multitude of books and a packet of Pop-Tarts. It's wonderful to see the two actresses back on our screens, and we can't wait to see more of them back in Stars Hollow later on this year. Will you fellow, international fans be checking out Gilmore Girls on Netflix July 1st?

Source: Twitter: @thelaurengraham