Gilmore Girls tease the revival's release date with a cryptic tweet!

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Not too long ago, Gilmore Girls created its own Twitter account and made its first big announcement, the title of the revival season. And now, it seems like the creators are gearing up to break another piece of breaking news: the release date.

Lauren Graham recently took a little trip to The Ellen Show to announce the title of the Gilmore Girls revival season, which cued the show's brand spanking new Twitter account to publish its first tweet with the season's official poster. Since then, this account has remained fairly dormant, while fans and news sites alike, shared selfies from cast members, interviews, and plot rumours. However, news that the show had wrapped principal photography, cued the tweet below. At first, this may not seem like much, however those five notes: "La la la la la", remind all of us fans of the music that is played in the background of almost every scene throughout the series. Many fans responded to the tweet with statements of hope that this could lead to the account's second big announcement.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life's premiere date has been hinted at, but we are awaiting patiently for the creators and marketing team to stop toying with our emotions and give us what we really need: a release date and dare we say it, a trailer! The entirety of the cast has returned for the revival season, with the exception of the late, great Edward Herrmann, who played the admirable patriarch of the Gilmore clan, Richard Gilmore. However, there have been reports that his death will be addressed in the revival, and he will be constantly referred to as the season progresses. 'A Year In The Life' will be comprised of four 90-minute episodes, each named after the seasons of the year, and also in reference to Carole King's theme tune for the show "Where You Lead". Do you think that this tweet is building anticipation for the release date announcement?

Source: Twitter: @GilmoreGirls