Gilmore Girls teaser shows Rory giving Michelle Obama Shakespeare and Pop-Tarts!

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Rumours are flying around that The White House will feature in the upcoming revival of Gilmore Girls and now we have hard evidence. A teaser for the season shows Rory giving the First Lady gifts for the mind and food for the soul.

We recently saw Michelle Obama share an image on herself with Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore on her Snapchat account. This got fans frantically asking if FLOTUS will be cameoing in the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival season. However, ET Online confirmed that Mrs. Obama will not be making an appearance, and the picture was Bledel's way of promoting her idol's Let Girls Learn initiative, together with its brand new Snapchat channel. This leaves us speculating whether there's anything more to deduce from the image. Well, now we see that it was a lead up to a mini teaser! In true Rory style, she hears that Michelle Obama is in need of a good book for her travels, and so naturally she brings the equivalent of a small library for Mrs. Obama to chose from. From the looks of it, she'll be spoiled for choice. While listing out some titles of the books she's brought along, there's a nugget of Gilmore Girls writer and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino's witty writing, as Rory says: "Moby Dick, Anna Karenina, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, you know, some classic beach reads." This line confirms to us, that the Rory we know and love is back.

After having a small army of helpers create piles of books in the First Lady's office, Rory adds a touching moment to the clip by saying: "Before I forget, a gift from my mom," as she hands over a packet of blueberry Pop-Tarts. Even Lorelai gets a mention in the White House! When we last saw Rory in the Gilmore Girls Season 7 finale episode, she was embarking on her new career in Journalism as a reporter for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. From the looks of this teaser, it seems as though that first step has taken her to higher places. Rory's storyline in the revival is clouded with mystery, especially regarding her love life. But, recently it was revealed that Rory and a certain ex-boyfriend would not be getting back together in the new GG season. We have also decided that this teaser is the show's way of reminding us, that there's a lot more to know about Rory than who she's dating. Did you enjoy seeing a Gilmore in the White House?

Source: Twitter: @GilmoreGirls / ET Online