Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith and Sean Pertwee tease the Court of Owls in Season 3 (EXCLUSIVE)

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Want to know what Penguin, the Riddler and Alfred are up to in Gotham Season 3? Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith and Sean Pertwee have sat down with melty for an exclusive interview!

Gotham's executive producer John Stephens has revealed which villains we'll meet in Season 3, but they won't all be new, as the Riddler and Penguin will once again be returning to play a key role. We caught up with Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor along with Sean Pertwee, and the trio kindly sat down with us for an interview as we talked about all things Season 3. Check out the full video interview below! So what were the highlights of the interview? We asked the three of them what they wanted for their characters in the upcoming season and Sean Pertwee without a doubt delivered the best response: "I'd like Master Bruce to listen to me." Don't we all, Alfred, don't we all. Particularly exciting though, is that Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith teased that their characters' relationship will go to a whole new level next season.

Smith said: "We're [Riddler and Penguin] going to have a significant amount of interaction. This is going to be a very very important relationship in Season 3. We just got introduced to the Court of Owls at the end of Season 2, and we are becoming aware that their hand is really controlling. You know, Indian Hill, Wayne enterprises and frankly Gotham, and we're going to be delving into that power structure and what that means. And then we're going to have some cool people like Mad Hatter!"

Taylor was particularly enthusiastic about Cobblepot's development next season and added: "One of my favorite moments in Season 2 is right after Oswald's mother had been killed and he's inconsolable and he's talking about leaving gotham city forever, and subsequently losing his father as well, he has all license to be the monster everyone thinks he is. So I think going forward I would like to see him be even more ruthless, even more just unhinged." For regular updates on Gotham, click the green subscribe button below! And if you can't wait until Gotham returns, you can find your favorite cast at San Diego Comic-Con this year! What would you like to see for these three characters next season?

Source: meltygroup

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