Gotham's stars talk the new mythology that sets the series apart from other superhero shows (EXCLUSIVE)

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In the second part of melty's interview with Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith and Sean Pertwee, the cast talks Gotham Season 3 and what sets the series apart from the other superhero shows out there.

Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith and Sean Pertwee recently sat down with melty to tease the Court of Owls in Gotham Season 3, and in the second part of our interview with the trio, they talked a bit about what sets Gotham apart from the other superhero shows out there. Michael Smith said: "I think something that has been particularly exciting for me and why I did the show is because we are telling a part of the mythology that hasn't been told, it's uncharted territory, and so it's an honor and a privilege to be able to definitively tell this story. And for people that are Batman fans and that are not Batman fans, it's really exciting to see a new part of the Batman mythology."

And is there any pressure taking on the burden of doing this story justice? Yeah, there is. Lord Taylor admitted: "Yes, there is pressure but at the same time to have fans of this story that are so passionate, I think it's an incredible honor. And their passion fuels our passion and our desire to be true to these characters, and open, and honest, and available, and present, and all of those things you want to be when portraying a character. We love our fans and thankfully they seem to be enjoying our show, or at least appreciating what we're trying to do with these iconic characters."

Sean Pertwee added though that the DC stories are always being reinterpreted and reinvented, and his approach is just to step back from it all. He said: "I think each person's process is different. Mine was to step away from the source material. There's 76 years of mythology in the Batman canon, to draw from it there's been many different interpretations and wonderful performances of course, but we're seeing Alfred at a time where he's never been seen before, and we're discovering him as a dysfunctional father figure, as an enabler, but also as the root to the person that grows phoenix-like from the ashes that later becomes Batman. So you see for the first time, some textual element of say my see him at a time and a realization of why Alfred was initially there. He was there to act as a protector, as a butler, a confident and of course a legal guardian." For regular updates on Gotham, click the green subscribe button below. And if you need another fix before the Season 3 premiere, you'll be pleased to hear that Gotham is coming to San Diego Comic-Con! What do you think sets Gotham apart from the rest?

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