Grey's Anatomy: Caterina Scorsone previews what's next for Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hunt

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Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy ended with Amelia and Owen getting married, but seeing as they live in Shondaland we don't think it will be happily ever after for them just yet! Find out what Caterina Scorsone had to say

Owen and Amelia finally got their act together and made their relationship official in the back half of Grey's Anatomy Season 12. Owen sold his trailer and bought a house, which prompted him to start thinking about living with Amelia and maybe having kids. But Amelia took things one step further and proposed to Owen. The season wrapped up with Owen and Amelia's wedding, which was a bit all over the place (to be honest). Amelia was upset that no one from her family came for the wedding, she then ran from the church with Meredith and Maggie to contemplate what she was doing with her life. In the end Amelia finally got over her internal struggles and married Owen. Read our Grey's Anatomy Season 12: Episode 24 recap if you need a refresher. It was also revealed in the finale that the reason Jo keeps refusing Alex's marriage proposals is because she's already married. Find out what actress Camilla Luddington had to say about her Grey's Anatomy character's secret identity.

Caterina Scorsone recently caught up with Variety to talk about her character Amelia's marriage to Owen, and what's in store for the newlyweds. The actress shared: "I think, up until now, their default setting when they’ve gotten scared has been to run. Now that they’re a family I hope they’ll try talking about things a little more before hightailing. They both seem like people who fight hard for family." We definitely agree with that last statement. Scorsone went on to say: "I’m sure there will be some bumps in the road. They are pretty complicated souls. But hopefully the bumps will happen in the same room now instead of on opposite sides of the hospital. And they might have a little more uninterrupted romance time. I swear those pagers are out to get them!" As for Owen's former bestie-turned enemy Nathan Riggs, we're extremely curious to see how Owen reacts to the news of Meredith's budding romance with him. That's assuming that Meredith doesn't put a stop to the developing relationship because of Maggie. Are you excited to see what's in store for the doctors in Season 13?

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