Grey's Anatomy: Kelly McCreary teases Maggie's reaction to Meredith and Riggs

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Maggie doesn't know it yet, but it looks like she may find herself in a love triangle involving her half-sister Meredith and Nathan Riggs in Grey's Anatomy Season 13. Find out what actress Kelly McCreary had to say about it below.

The trailer for the penultimate episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 12 promised an unexpected hookup, and based on their interaction in prior episodes we believed that Maggie and Riggs would be the unanticipated couple. However we were soooo wrong. Instead it was Meredith who got it on with Riggs, in the hospital parking lot no less. Meredith was in a bit of a mood and might have taken it out on the other doctors in the OR, but Riggs fired back at her. Their argument continued later on in the parking lot and that led to a steamy hook up. The Season 12 finale saw Meredith looking like she was ready to give things with Riggs a try, that is until Maggie told her that she really likes Riggs, and thinks that Riggs has feelings for her too. Uh-oh this is going to be a complicated love triangle, especially since Meredith and Maggie are half-sisters. Add to the mix Owen's rocky relationship with Riggs and this makes for one hell of a complicated situation. Speaking of complications, Owen and Amelia finally stopped their confusing games and married one another in the finale. Find out what Grey's Anatomy star Caterina Scorsone had to say about Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hunt in Season 13.

Back to the love triangle, Kelly McCreary told TVLine that she thinks her character Maggie will be "genuinely crushed" when she finds out about Meredith and Riggs. The actress said: “I think that the next phase of Maggie and Meredith’s relationship is going to [involve them] having to draw some boundaries around their relationship.” McCreary also seems to imply that there's a chance Maggie will try to win over Riggs, sharing: “I guess the question is, does she value her relationship with Meredith more than she values her desire to find love, and does she believe that Riggs is the right match for her?” We really can't imagine Maggie persuing Riggs, knowing full well that he's been intimate with Meredith. But who knows, Maggie may surprise us in Season 13. However as of now, Maggie is blissfully in the dark about the hookup, although we wonder how long that will last. In other news Ellen Pompeo has renewed her contract for Grey's Anatomy Season 13 and the series' great beyond! Do you think Maggie will fight for Riggs, or back off and let Meredith have him?

Source: TVLine