Grey's Anatomy: Sarah Drew reveals where Season 13 will begin

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With a new marriage, a new identity, and a new baby to end Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy, fans are wondering where things will go from here. Luckily for us, April actress Sarah Drew has shared where Season 13 will kick off.

A LOT went down in the Grey's Anatomy Season 12 finale. Owen and Amelia got married, April gave birth, and we finally found out why Jo won't marry Alex. Camilla Luddington dished on Jo's big reveal (which we totally didn't see coming) and how it will affect her character next season. Meanwhile Luddington's costar Sarah Drew, who plays April, recently appeared on CTV's etalk to chat about Grey's Anatomy. The Season 12 finale saw April go into labor at Meredith's house during a storm. The only other person around was Ben and he had to perform an emergency C-Section to save April's baby. Let's not forget how the last emergency C-Section Ben performed turned out, but luckily both April and her baby survived.

As for Season 13 Drew revealed that it will pick up right where we left off, which would be at the hospital for April, Jackson and their baby and Amelia and Owen's wedding for many of the other characters. The finale ended with Meredith seemingly ready to date Riggs, only to have Maggie tell her that she likes Nathan and thinks that Nathan has feelings for her as well. We caught up with Martin Henderson, who plays Nathan Riggs, at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and he gave his character some advice on choosing between Meredith and Maggie.

Drew maintained that she knows nothing about the upcoming Grey's Anatomy storyline, she's only heard little snippets of ideas at the Wrap Party. However she acknowledged that the main question regarding her character is: "What's gonna happen with April and Jackson?" Will their baby bring them back together? Here at melty we certainly hope so! Drew went on to say: "They've been through so much together, and I feel like this baby could really bring them back together." Or they could just co-parent in a really good way, you never know in Shondaland! Drew also believes that April and Arizona will continue to be each other's person, despite the rough patch they hit in Season 12. Are you excited for Season 13?

Source: YouTube: @CamillaLNews