Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Camilla Luddington dishes on Jo's big reveal

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Grey's Anatomy fans were shocked when it was revealed in the Season 12 finale that Jo Wilson isn't really who she says she is. Find out what actress Camilla Luddington had to say about her character's huge secret.

We recently caught up with Grey's Anatomy stars Kevin McKidd and Martin Henderson at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Kevin McKidd dished on Owen's future in Grey's Season 13, we we can all agree that he deserves some happiness. Unfortunately things don't always work out that way in Shondaland. Meanwhile Martin Henderson teased that he hopes to see Riggs in a bit of trouble with Meredith and Maggie next season. As excited as we are about the upcoming Meredith-Riggs-Maggie love triangle drama, we are extremely curious to find out more about Jo and her true identity. Here at melty we were confused when Jo refused Alex's marriage proposal, yet again, but declared that they should make a baby together. But things all made sense later when Jo drunkenly spilled her deep dark secret to DeLuca in the finale and now viewers finally know why she won't marry Alex.

Jo (which isn't even her real name) cannot marry Alex because she is already married to someone else, who turned out to be very abusive. She hasn't tried to file for divorce because she's afraid that her husband will be able to track her down. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly Grey's Anatomy actress Camilla Luddington revealed that she had no idea about her character's true identity and troubled backstory until the table read for the finale (further described in the above video). On keeping this major secret from Alex for so long, Luddington explained: "What’s happened is this is a person who has been described to me as very charismatic but extremely dangerous to [Jo]. She thinks that filing for divorce papers would out where she is. She’s been living in secret. It would also be dangerous for Alex."

The actress continued: "So it’s a really sad situation she feels like she’s in where she also cannot tell the person that she’s trying to protect, and therefore might lose them, too. It was really difficult to play. It was really heartbreaking to play. I also feel like it was difficult because she had so many opportunities to maybe, in that finale, tell him, like during that conversation where he’s really grilling her, and she just can’t do it." Jo really got herself into a sticky situation involving DeLuca in the Season 12 finale and Luddington doesn't know how Jo and Alex will be able to recover from it, though she does hope that their love and relationship survives. Luddington also teased that viewers may meet Jo's husband in Season 13, which would certainly shake things up. Would you like to meet Jo's secret husband and do you think that Jo and Alex can make things work?

Source: Entertainment Weekly / YouTube: @The Pompeo Method