Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Ellen Pompeo renews her contract!

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We weren't at all worried whether or not Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo would return for Season 13, but it's nice to have some confirmation that the actress will officially be back in action this fall

Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy saw Meredith moving on from Derek's tragic death. It started off rocky, but Meredith even managed to have a good working relationship with Penny, the doctor responsible for Derek's death. The mid-season premiere saw Mer get attacked by a patient and slowly recover, both physically and mentally. Meredith even started dating again after meeting an attractive doctor at a military hospital during an "away game" surgery. It didn't work out, but hey at least Mer put herself out there. In the penultimate episode of Season 12 Meredith rather surprising hooked up with Riggs in the hospital parking lot. The two were arguing and bickering, but it's clear there's some passion there. It seemed like Meredith was ready and willing to further explore her relationship with Riggs in the finale, that is until Maggie told her that she likes Riggs and she thinks Riggs likes her too.

Ellen Pompeo's character, Meredith Grey, is the backbone of Grey's Anatomy (which is kinda a given since her name is in the title of the series). We really can't imagine what a Meredith Grey-less Grey's Anatomy would be like, and we hope that we never have to find out. Luckily for us, Pompeo has just signed a new contract, however the length of the deal is being kept under wraps. With Patrick Dempsey and Sara Ramirez's departures during the past two seasons, it was essential to lock in Pompeo's deal for Season 13 and the unknown beyond.

Grey's showrunner Shonda Rhimes found out that Sara Ramirez was taking a break from the show mere days before the announcement was made public, but had nothing but kind words for Ramirez. Season 12 ended with Callie getting the blessing from her ex Arizona to go off to New York and take their daughter Sofia with her. This exit doesn't really do Callie Torres justice, but it was filmed long before Ramirez announced that she will not be returning for Grey's Anatomy Season 13, so it will have to do. Are you looking forward to Season 13?

Source: Deadline