Grey's Anatomy Season 13, have we seen the last of Penny Blake?

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Following Sara Ramirez's surprising announcement that her character won't be back for Grey's Anatomy Season 13, fans can't help but wonder if Callie's girlfriend Penny will be completely absent as well

Penny Blake is one of the doctors who treated Derek Shepherd after his car crash. Things got pretty awkward in Grey's Anatomy Season 12 when Meredith hosted a dinner party at her house and Callie showed up with Penny as her date. Both Meredith and Amelia had a hard time warming up to Penny when she first transferred to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but eventually formed a great working relationship with both ladies. Penny applied for a grant and won a year of funded residential research in New York. Callie decided to move to NY to be with Penny, but this caused a nasty custody battle between Callie and Arizona and led Callie to call things quits with Penny. Luckily, the season ended on a happy note with Arizona showing up on Callie's doorstep with plane tickets to New York and gave Callie her blessing to go there and bring their daughter. With Sara Ramirez recently announcing that she will not be back for Grey's Anatomy Season 13, this seemingly wraps up the storyline for Penny as well.

TVLine's Michael Ausiello reports: "Seeing as how Penny and Callie are sort of a package deal, I can confirm that we’ve seen the last of Penny. For now, anyway. Shonda Rhimes left the door wide open for Sara Ramirez to make the occasional guest appearance as Callie shuttles Sophia back and forth between New York and Seattle, and I suppose Penny — and her portrayer Samantha Sloyan — could tag along on one of those trips. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though." We certainly hope that this isn't the last we've seen of Penny! In other news, Ellen Pompeo has renewed her Grey's Anatomy contract. It's unclear how long the deal is for, but we're excited for the Meredith/Riggs/Maggie love triangle in Season 13! Do you hope to see Penny next season?

Source: TVLine