Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Martin Henderson wants Riggs to get into some trouble with Mer and Maggie

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We headed over to the Monte-Carlo Television Festival last week to find out what we could glean from the stars. Check out what Grey's Anatomy newbie Martin Henderson had to say about his character Nathan Riggs below!

Meredith finally started dating again following the tragic death of McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy Season 11. She gave things with sexy Army doctor Will Thorpe a whirl, but it ultimately didn't work out after Meredith had a panic attack and realized that she wasn't ready for intimacy with someone other than Derek quite yet. However that all changed (and happened rather unexpectedly) in the penultimate episode of Season 12. Meredith and Riggs were bickering in the parking lot after a surgery and it surprisingly led to them hooking up in a car (multiple times). It seemed like Meredith was actually ready to give things with Riggs a shot in the finale, however Maggie then told Mer that she really likes Riggs and thinks that he likes her too. Kelly McCreary has teased Maggie's reaction to finding out about Meredith and Riggs in Grey's Season 13, and it's not good.

We had the chance to speak to Martin Henderson, Grey's Anatomy's newest dreamboat Nathan Riggs, on the Red Carpet of the Monte-Carlo film festival. The actor shared that he hopes his character gets into a bit of trouble next season. The Season 12 finale set up a love triangle between Riggs, Meredith and Maggie, and it doesn't seem like Henderson minds having his character stuck between the two ladies. He teased: "I kind of like getting in trouble," which we will assume that he's referring purely to the characters he portrays and not his real life. When asked what's in store for Nathan in Season 13, Henderson played coy and said that he didn't know. Although the actor did reveal that his favorite moment as Nathan is all the kissing his character gets to do. We wonder if Riggs and Meredith will have more steamy parking lot make-out sessions in Season 13, or if Mer will shut him out knowing that Maggie has feelings for him. In other news Ellen Pompeo has officially renewed her contract for Grey's Anatomy Season 13 and we can't wait to see Meredith back in action! Are you excited for the Meredith-Nathan-Maggie love triangle?

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