Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Karen Gillan has finished filming her scenes as Nebula

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is currently filming, but it looks like Karen Gillan has finished all of her scenes as Nebula!

James Gunn is hard at work on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but it sounds like Karen Gillan time on set has come to an end. There have been rumors suggesting that her character, Nebula, will have a much bigger role in this film than she did in the first one. Nebula, you'll remember, is the badass blue bald lady from the first movie, who is also Thanos' adopted daughter. Some people have suggested that she might join the Guardians (and in turn her estranged sister Gamora), in their fight against Thanos. Gillan teased the beginning of her time on set by posting a picture of herself getting in Nebula's blue paint . She's now confirmed, via Twitter, that her time filming Vol. 2 has come an end. Check out her tweet below.

We're already pretty excited for this film, and the news that Nebula would play a bigger part in Vol. 2 got us even more eager to see Gunn's sequel. Karen Gillan was simply brilliant in the first film and didn't get enough screen time, so the more the better in our eyes. She's probably most well-known for playing Amy Pond in Doctor Who, but the Scottish actress has proved that she can be more than just the Doctor's companion. Joining Marvel was one of the smartest moves she could have made, and Marvel were equally as smart in casting her. With many people pondering who Peter Quill's father will be (Starhawk's our bet), people have forgotten about Nebula, and the difficult situation she finds herself in. Should she side with her power hungry father, or should she join her sister in the battle against him? Families can be tough sometimes. Which side will Nebula end up on?

Source: Twitter: @karengillan