Homeland Season 4: Episode 11 recap, a blast from the past for Carrie

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The penultimate episode of Homeland's fourth season aired last night on Showtime, shocking viewers with an unexpected twist. Turns out Haqqani has friends in very high places. melty.com explains all

Last night, fans of Homeland were treated to an explosive twist as Episode 11 in the show's fourth season, "Krieg Nicht Lieb", lived up to its name. We left Carrie, reeling after the attack on the Embassy, on the hunt to find Quinn, having been granted five days in which to do so by Lockhart. Last week, melty.com revealed that according to spoilers for Homeland Season 4: Episode 11, Quinn needed help to find Haqqani. On the warpath to find and dispose of the terrorist, Quinn enlisted an ex-girlfriend with links at the German Embassy to track the mobile phones found on Haqqani's men after the events of Episode 10. As revealed last week, Max, still grieving over Fara's death, agrees to help Quinn and is caught by Carrie helping himself to money and a false passport from the safe. She eventually locates Quinn, who is able to escape after shooting one of Carrie's hired strong-men in the leg. Nothing new here. However, the episode takes an unlikely turn.

After showing Aayan's girlfriend Kiran the video of Haqqani shooting him, a mob of angry protesters descend on his hideout, offering Quinn the perfect opportunity to conceal his homemade bomb. Carrie learns of her father's death in a heartwrenching scene, before we see her make her way to the street where the protest is taking place. Searching desperately for Quinn, Carrie removes her headscarf, knowing that he will recognize her and refuse to detonate the bomb. It's a risky move, but she calls it right. Then it's too late: Haqqani's car passes through the gate, the moment is gone. Then, in a surprise move, Carrie pulls a gun, intending to shoot Haqqani herself in revenge for Aayan's murder, before she is stopped by Asar Khan, who tells her to look at who else is in the car. We then discover that CIA black-ops agent Dar Adal is accompanying Haqqani out of the compound. Does this mean that he has been in league with the Taliban all along? Roll on next week to find out. Are you excited for the finale of Season 4 of Homeland?

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