Homeland Season 4: Episode 11, Carrie intervenes to help Quinn?

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Sunday night will air the penultimate episode of Homeland, entitled "Krieg Nicht Lieb". In a new promo video for Episode 11, we see Carrie track down Peter Quinn, who is on a mission to find Haissam Haqqani

The end of Season 4 of Homeland is approaching, with Carrie Mathison and co. still in Pakistan. At the end of Episode 10, "13 Hours in Islamabad", Haqqani and his henchmen stormed the Embassy, murdering Fara and obtaining a package containing information about every CIA informant in the country. At the end of the crisis, the US decided to recall all its diplomatic personnel and shut down the Embassy. However, an enraged Quinn refused to be evacuated, disappearing to search for Haqqani. Carrie then requested five days in order to find him. As melty.com already revealed, spoilers for Homeland: Season 4 Episode 11, where Quinn seeks help to find Haqqani, are already online. Another promo spot for "Krieg Nicht Lieb" has also been released, showing Carrie finally locating Quinn

We first see a furious Carrie with Aasar Khan, demanding to know what he did to stop the attack on the Embassy. The scene then cuts to Lockhart, asking if there is "something going on that I should know about with the Pakistanis." Carrie laments Quinn's disappearance, saying: "He thinks he can fix this by himself, but all he can do it get himself killed." Khan then tells her: "He's an assassin. It was his head or mine." The video ends with Carrie running into a parking lot just as Quinn is dispensing with some thugs. He grabs her by the throat, hissing: "For once in your life, you need to listen." It remains to be seen whether Quinn will succeed in his mission to locate Haqqani, or whether the Taliban will get to him first. Do you think he will end up being killed?

Source: Showtime / YouTube : Homeland