Homeland Season 4: Episode 11, Max helps Quinn seek revenge?

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This Sunday, the penultimate episode of Homeland Season 4 will air on Showtime. In a new promotional spot for Episode 11, we see Carrie and Max have a difficult conversation following Fara's death

The end Homeland's current series is getting ever nearer, with only two episodes remaining before the show's fourth series draws to a close. Episode 11 is entitled "Krieg Nicht Lieb", translated as "Make War Not Love", and will follow Carrie's efforts to locate the elusive Peter Quinn, who took off following the withdrawal of American personnel following the embassy crisis. Spoilers for Homeland Season 4: Episode 11 revealed that Quinn needs help to find Haqqani, having visited a former flame in an effort to catch the terrorist. A new promotional spot for the penultimate installment in the series has been released, showing Max and Carrie sharing an uncomfortable moment following the death of Fara at Haqqani's hands. melty.com explains more below

We see Carrie walk in on Max filling a duffel bag with the contents of the station's safe. Carrie demands to know what is going on, opening the bag to find money and a false passport for Quinn. Max refuses to reveal where Quinn is hiding or where he plans to meet him, accusing Carrie of exploiting Fara: "You took advantage of her... She was a financial analyst. She did spreadsheets! And you brought her here to this fucking place! " He then demands that Carrie catch Haqqadi, to which she responds: "I can't do that either." Max then accuses her of being unwilling to do anything to avenge Fara. The video ends with a furious Carrie declaring: "I am willing, but I cannot lose anyone else! " It remains to be seen whether Max will end up helping Quinn, or whether he will stay with Carrie. Do you think Quinn will end up tracking down Haqqani before it's too late?

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