Homeland Season 4: Episode 12 recap, love at last for Carrie and Quinn?

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December 21 saw the final episode of Homeland Season 4, with CIA operative Dar Adal finally explaining his links to terrorist Haissam Haqqani. Does Carrie locate Quinn in time? melty.com reviews “Long Time Coming”

Last week, Homeland Season 4: Episode 11 put Carrie face-to-face with a blast from her past. The explosive “Krieg Nicht Lieb” saw Quinn disappear to hunt for Haqqani, visiting an ex-girlfriend along the way to ask for help tracing the mobile phones found on the bodies of the Taliban insurgents killed at the Embassy. A horrified Carrie stayed in Pakistan in order to track him down, but just as Quinn was about to detonate the bomb he'd planted outside Haqqani's hideout, it was revealed that the terrorist was in league with CIA operative Dar Adal. The season finale, “Long Time Coming”, aired December 21, with viewers learning the circumstances of Adal's involvement with the Taliban. That's not all, however. Following almost an entire season of romantic tension between Carrie and Quinn, the pair finally shared a kiss following Quinn's return to the US. melty.com recaps Episode 12 below

We learned of the death of Carrie's father midway through Episode 11, with the funeral taking place at the beginning of “Long Time Coming”. The episode opens with Carrie and sister Maggie sorting through their father's things, before Adal comes to the house and asks to speak with Carrie about Quinn. She doesn't mention that she saw him in Pakistan alongside Haqqani and says she will tell Adal if Quinn tries to contact her. After visiting the park with Franny, Carrie encounters her mother, who has been absent for over a decade, before discovering that she left the family after falling pregnant with another man's child. After giving a moving speech in honour of her father, Carrie receives a visit from Quinn, who stays with her following the service. At the end of the evening, the pair are alone. They walk to Quinn's car together and, at long last, share a passionate kiss, before Carrie tells him that their relationship would never work. Following this, Quinn once again takes off on yet another covert mission, leaving Carrie beside herself when she realises where he is.

Carrie races to find Adal, threatening to spill the beans about his links with Haqqani, before Adal tells her that Saul knows everything. It transpires that Adal agreed to take Haqqani off the CIA's kill list as long as he agreed to stop harbouring terrorists in Afghanistan. He then met with Saul, who expressed his desire to return to the CIA in “Krieg Nicht Lieb”, and asks him to consider putting himself forward as Lockhart's replacement. Carrie tells Adal that Saul would never agree, before Adal directs her attention to his porch, where we see Saul himself. A furious Carrie, not knowing who to trust, leaves in tears as the episode ends. And so to Season 5. Will Quinn return from his new mission? Will Carrie continue to build a relationship with her daughter, as well as her new half-brother? At all events, Showtime recently confirmed that a fifth season of Homeland, recently nominated alongside Game of Thrones at the 2015 Golden Globes, has indeed been commissioned for 2015. Were you impressed by the season finale of Homeland?

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