Homeland Season 4: Episode 12, Showtime's David Nevins on the season's finale

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The series finale of Homeland: Season 4 aired December 21, with the episode polarizing fans of Showtime's political thriller. Network president David Nevins defended “Long Time Coming”

Claire Danes was recently nominated for a Golden Globe thanks to her role as Carrie Mathison in Homeland. Since its first season aired back in 2011, the show has consistently ranked among the most popular political dramas of recent years. Danes has continued to receive critical acclaim for her performance this year, while the show's writers have also been commended for a brilliant season following the death of lead character Nicholas Brody at the end of its third series. The twelfth and final episode of Season 4 aired on December 21 and was noted for its subtlety after previous action-packed instalments. However, while many viewers appreciated “Long Time Coming”'s focus on Carrie following the death of her father, others found it rather too quiet compared to the rest of Season 4. This week, Showtime president David Nevins spoke about the decision to turn things down a notch for the end of the season. melty.com tells you more below

Nevins defended the show's creators' treatment of the season finale, remarking that the spotlight deserved to be placed on Carrie outside of her role in the CIA. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Nevens said: “We went out of season three with this massive ending, with the death of Brody. And I think a show with this amount of political and narrative complexity can do a last episode that has a change of pace. I thought they needed to do an episode back in Washington, and needed to deal with Carrie’s family situation and her issues with motherhood. And there needed to be a political conclusion, too, not just an action conclusion.” Nevins also commented that, despite such thrilling cliffhangers as the American Embassy siege, the show is ultimately a political drama rather than an action-based show: “The season had some great action, but at its core it was really a political thriller about America’s place in the world, and how difficult that position is in the 21st century.” Homeland has recently been renewed for a fifth season, with new episodes airing in 2015. So, do you agree with David Nevins' comments? Were you impressed by Homeland Season 4's finale, or did you find “Long Time Coming” lacklustre in comparison to previous episodes?

Source: Entertainment Weekly