Homeland Season 4: Episode 12, the trailer for the season's finale revealed

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The end of the year brings with it the end of the fourth season of Homeland, to the dismay of the series' fans. The promo trailer for the final episode, "Long Time Coming", has just been revealed

This October, the fourth season of Homeland premiered on Showtime, set six months after the events of Season 3. Claire Danes reprised her iconic role as CIA officer Carrie Mathison, while Damian Lewis' character Brody was publicly hanged at the end of the previous series after assassinating Iranian intelligence chief Danesh Akbari. This season, we've seen Carrie transferred to the CIA station in Kabul, before ending up in Pakistan. Her mentor Saul Berenson was abducted and handed over to the Taliban, while the infamous Peter Quinn remains hellbent on tracking down terrorist Haissam Haqqani at all costs. You can read melty.com's recap of Homeland Season 4: Episode 11 here, where a blast from the past left Carrie speechless. This week, the promo video for this week's episode, "Long Time Coming", has been revealed.

The video is narrated by Dar Adal, who we learned at the end of "Krieg Nicht Lieb" has links with Haqqani and the Taliban. Adal was seen leaving Haqqani's compound in his car, and he and Carrie seem destined for a final showdown in the series' finale. "Don't look so shocked... we have to see events for what they are. It's not what I've done, it's what I've got in return", he tells a stunned Carrie. We then see that her messages to Quinn have gone undelivered, suggesting that someone has access to his phone, or that he's choosing to ignore Carrie. "Not every choice we make is blessed with moral clarity. One adapts to the terrain" Adal continues, as we see Quinn board a plane alongside a band of heavily armed men. Will he kill Haqqani at last? It remains to be seen. The season finale of Homeland airs this Sunday on Showtime. Will you be watching?

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