Homeland Season 5: Rupert Friend talks Carrie and Quinn

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Ever since they shared a drunken kiss at her father's funeral, Homeland fans have been rooting for Carrie and Quinn to get it on properly. Although we'll have to wait until the show returns to find out what happens between them, in the meantime, actor Rupert Friend has given us a heads up

Love isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the word Homeland. Showtime's hit political thriller is less about that kind of action and more about the front line stuff: you know, guns, IEDs, enhanced interrogation tactics, that sort of thing. The Season 4 finale however was slightly more wrapped up in the emotional side of things than was the case in previous seasons. Carrie (Claire Danes) gave a tear-jerking eulogy at her father's funeral, before finally sharing that all-important (albeit slightly drunken) kiss with associate Peter Quinn. Following their embrace, Carrie receives a visit from her long-lost mother, who, having been absent for over 15 years after abandoning her daughters, is quickly shown the door. Confused and emotional, she tries to get in contact with Quinn as the end of the episode approaches, only to find out he accepted a life-or-death mission in Syria. We want it to happen. Carrie and Quinn probably want it to happen. But will it actually happen? For all those fans desperate to find out, Rupert Friend has recently given his thoughts on his and Danes' characters' future together.

Although back in Season 2 his role started out fairly small, the hard-skinned CIA assassin Peter Quinn has become a major (if not admittedly mostly female) source of attention on Homeland. Quinn was originally brought in to take out US military vet-turned-traitor Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis), but by the time Season 4 came to a close, he had quite clearly become part of a 'will they, won't they' relationship storyline with our main CIA gal, Carrie. Speaking to Deadline, Friend admitted that he knows little about what's to come in Season 5 and that all plotlines are strictly kept under wraps. "I think it was very interesting to see this so-called tough guy... open himself in any way to anybody... I mean, for you or I, if somebody just didn’t return a phone call, I don’t think you’d send yourself off to war. To me that spoke volumes because really this is not someone who is used to or prepared to repeat any demonstration of intimacy or vulnerability," he explained, possibly hinting that there might be unfinished business between the two when Season 5 kicks off in September. Although Carrie will be out of the CIA at the beginning of Season 5, working in Germany for a private security firm, Homeland fans know all too well that being in a different country never stopped our girl before. Could there still be a chance for a 'Quarrie' love affair two years on? Fingers crossed! Do you think Peter and Quinn will really happen?

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  • We might see them get together for one night or weekend (as Carrie was with Brody) but as to a serious coupling of these 2 characters outside the CIA, I predict one of two options: (1) if they both commit to such a coupling, Quinn dies before the coupling takes place which would be downright unbearable after suffering through the demise of the Carrie/Brody affair or (2) the series ends for good and with an ambiguous ending which leaves open the possibility that these 2 will be together outside of the CIA. No one in this show ever lives "happily ever after" but we can only hope that for once, the writers might make an exception, at least when the show comes to an end, whenever that might be.