Justice League, could Game of Thrones' Charles Dance play Steppenwolf?

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DC Films might be looking at Game of Thrones' Charles Dance to play Steppenwolf in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Check out the details below

We heard a while back now that Justice League's main big bad is going to be Steppenwolf, not Darkseid as many fans had hoped. Darkseid was teased in Batman v Superman, yet it appears that DC will be taking a leaf out of Marvel's book and might be saving Darkseid for a later movie. It's a smart move if they want to build a cinematic universe. Don't show all your cards in the first few turns... So Justice League will start off with Steppenwolf, who was actually seen in one of the deleted scenes holding three mother cubes. During the Justice League set visit Zack Snyder revealed that they are still looking for the right person to play Steppenwolf. Could Charles Dance be the one they were looking for? Check out the tweet below which seems to hint at that possibility.

According to Wayne Enterprise's tweet (not their official account), DC Films has been looking at Colin Farrell and Charles Dance. We've already heard that Farrell is out of running, which just leaves Dance, and to be honest, we think he's the much better choice. No disrespect to Farrell, who we also think would make a fantastic Steppenwolf, we just feel that Dance has the experience and has shown on Game of Thrones that he can be very mean indeed. Dance played Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones and was absolutely brilliant. His death scene was particularly memorable, and he was one of the show's best baddies. He was also a master tactician, which is what Steppenwolf is as well. Justice League is said to take inspiration from DC and Marvel comics legend Jack Kirby, who originally came up with Steppenwolf. Dance be a wonderful choice for the role and would really add a certain amount of gravitas. In short, Dance has chops, and we'd love to see Warner Bros. cast him as Steppenwolf. Do you think that Charles Dance should play Steppenwolf?

Source: Twitter: @WEnterprisesRu