Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12: Episode 10 recap, ice cold gold

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Kim and Kourtney head to Iceland, while Khloé tries to work out her issues with Rob. Find out how it all goes down with our Keeping Up with the Kardashians Episode 10 ("Iced Out") recap

The previous episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians saw Rob finally sit down with his sisters to talk about his hasty engagement, where Rob also dropped the bomb that Blac Chyna is pregnant. Kourtney and Kim seemed to take the news pretty well, but Khloé was visibly upset. Episode 10 ("Iced Out") begins with Khloé and Kourtney talking about Rob's big news and again Khloé reiterates that she is more upset about Rob distancing himself and disconnecting from Khloé than the fact that he's engaged and going to have a baby with Blac Chyna. Khloé is then seen talking to Lamar about her Rob issues, and Lamar encourages Khloé to call Rob. Khloé is shocked that Rob actually answers her phone call, but the conversation ends up being mainly between Lamar and Rob while Khloé listens silently from the sideline.

Kanye is going to Iceland to film a music video, so Kim invites Kourtney to come along. It's during Kourtney's birthday and she's a bit nervous about leaving her kids, but she's always wanted to go to Iceland so Kourtney agrees to join. When Scott is hanging out with his kids he asks about Kourtney's plans for her birthday and is surprised to hear that she's going to Iceland. Kourtney flies off to Iceland with Kim, Kanye, Jonathan and Simon, and as teased in a KUWTK Episode 10 sneak peek, Scott heads over to Kris' house to talk about surprising Kourtney there for her birthday. Instead, Kris advises Scott to work on being the best dad he can be to his kids. In a camera confessional, Kourtney says that she's enjoying Iceland, but admits that she's feeling a bit homesick and misses her kids.

Jonathan and Simon bring up Rob's engagement to Chyna and Kourtney talks a bit about hers and Kim's former friendship with Chyna. Kourtney didn't like that Chyna verbally bashed Kylie, but she does understand her reasoning behind it. And now that Chyna is pregnant with Rob's baby Kourtney seems very open to accepting Chyna into the family. Kourtney also talks a bit about Scott and how he was disappointed that Kourtney left town for her birthday, but that's how co-parenting goes sometimes.

Kim calls Scott to tell him about the wonderful time Kourtney is having in Iceland and says that she thinks it's better if Scott doesn't come. This of course hurts to hear, but Scott seemingly understands and decides to just send Kourtney flowers. Filming for Kanye's music video is the same day as Kourtney's birthday so Kim explores Iceland with her sister and the rest of the gang before joining Kanye at his shoot later on. However they're super late and when they finally get to the glacier where Kanye is filming he's already finished and is upset with Kim for missing it.

Back in LA, Khloé voices her frustrations about Rob to her bestie Malika, saying that Rob made an effort to hangout with Lamar, but he still hasn't spoken to Khloé or seen her since the sisters and Rob met at Kourtney's house to talk about Rob's engagement in KUWTK Season 12: Episode 9. Khloé feels like Rob owes her a conversation, however the way Khloé acted towards Rob in the previous episode helps us to understand why Rob might be avoiding Khloé. Rob hangs out with Lamar at Khloé's house and Lamar encourages Rob to talk to his sister. Lamar brings Rob into the movie room where Khloé is, and the tension is high at first, but Khloé and Rob make plans to hangout and it looks like they're taking the first steps to improving their relationship. Do you think Khloé and Rob will ever get back the close relationship they once had?

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