Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12: Episode 4 recap, storage wars

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12 is well under way. Kim has got a lot on her plate, Kendall is missing her family, and Kylie just wants to make sliders in peace. Can they live?!

We kick off Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12: Episode 4 in Kylie's kitchen, where she is teaching her fans how to make sliders as part of a cooking segment for her app. She's invited Khloé along to be a guest star and although Koko's language would make the pope cry, she's having no trouble metaphorically ripping Kylie's effort's to pieces and it's hilarious. Roll opening credits.

Over at Kris' house, Kim tells Khloé and Kourtney that their brother Rob put Kim on speaker phone without any warning so that she would be forced to speak to his fiancé, Blac Chyna, something that she hasn't done since Kylie and Tyga started dating. In a camera confessional, Kim reveals that Kylie dating Tyga (Chyna's ex and baby daddy), broke Chyna's heart, and therefore she thinks that everyone needs to sit down and talk, although they're quite ready for it yet. But wait, is that you Kendall? For the first time since the premiere episode, we properly see Kendall in front of the camera having lunch with Kourtney. She takes this opportunity to reveal that she feels left out about the fact that her sisters don't make the effort to see her when they're in downtown LA.

We then cut to Kim and Kourtney having lunch at Kris' house very peacefully, until Kris arrives all in a rage that there were cars on her driveway (don't ask). Poor Kris, she's a grandmother and her children still haven't yet flown the coop. Perhaps, Kim, it may be time for you and your husband to move into a house of your own? Afterwards, Kim sees that Blac Chyna has posted a cooking tutorial very similar to Kylie's. Kim then takes it upon herself to call Kylie to see if she's alright, and understandably Kylie is upset, as she and Blac have never had any sort of argument which would cause this kind of drama. Later on, Kim then tells Khloé that Kris has moved the majority of the furniture in her room out of her house and it's been given to Rob! (Last week's installment saw Kris move Rob into his new house, check out our KUWTK Season 12: Episode 3 recap if you missed it.) Khloé is utterly convinced that Kris is lying about a lot of what is going on with Rob in order to protect him from them.

Bearing in mind that Kendall is overworked and is missing her family, Kris checks in on her while she's at work. Unbeknownst to her, Kendall finds out that Kylie is about to launch her new brand of lipsticks, and she's upset that she didn't know about it, and therefore was not able to be with her. Kourtney calls Kris and they speak about Kendall's situation, and Kourtney then has the idea to get all of the sisters together to throw Kendall a girls' night in. Later on at Kylie's house, she and Kim are both confused upon finding out that Rob wants to move out of his house, he only moved in the week prior! Kourtney tells Kim that they should go to a store and get some lovely things for Kendall, and then Kim utters the best quote ever heard on this show: "I haven't been to a grocery store in four years, I don't even know what flavor deodorants they have anymore." We didn't even know deodorants had a flavor Kim, so you're one step ahead of us!

The next scene showcases the Kardashians' mastermind skills at work, as Kourtney takes Kris to lunch so that Kim can move out of her mom's home and into her Bel Air home. Kris spent the majority of the lunch talking about how tired she is of living in a crowded house, and Kourtney can barely contain her excitement about her mother's surprise. The show's editors clearly tried to use lots of footage about it being a close call between Kim finishing the move and Kris arriving at home, Kim moving out, but they used the same footage of a guy moving boxes into the van at least twice. Kris is happy to finally be alone to say the least.

All of this happiness comes to an abrupt end when the family sees a video of Rob and Chyna making fun of the fact that Kris stocked his home with healthy food. Kim calls Rob out on his dirty deed and he quickly comes over to apologize to his mom. Now we're just wondering when we're going to see the family react to Rob and Blac Chyna's pregnancy on KUWTK! Meanwhile, Khloé and Kim go to Kendall's apartment to stock it full of nice goodies all ready to surprise her when she gets home, and to top it all off the sisters greet her with an afternoon of pampering. We would certainly forgive all sins if we were her! What did you make of the latest Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode?

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