Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12: Episode 7 recap, the family takes Vail

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The Kardashian/Jenner clan is notorious for their lavish family vacations, but Episode 7 takes a trip down memory lane and sees the family head to Vail. Check out our Keeping Up with the Kardashians recap of "Snow You Didn't"

The previous episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians saw Khloé struggle with her relationship problems regarding Lamar while wanting to continue with her divorce. And Scott visited a psychic to find out if he's been affected by "The Kardashian Curse". Catch up with our KUWTK Season 12: Episode 6 recap if you missed it! "Snow You Didn't" see Kris plan a family trip to Vail, where the Kardashian family used to go to every winter when the kids were younger. But being the cool mom that she is, Kris makes the destination a surprise. The matriarch calls Rob and tries to convince him to come, but Rob is hesitant to join because he thinks Tyga will be there and things will be awkward. After giving Kourtney, Kim and Kylie as little information as possible about the trip, Kris mentions that Rob is supposed to come, and that Scott wants to tag along too. Kourtney is apprehensive about having to worry about Scott on the trip, but Kris really wants to include him.

As the family is getting ready to take off on their private jets (yes, plural) the sisters realize that Rob has flaked out on the trip and randomly went to Kentucky instead. Kris is super sad and disappointed. Upon hearing that Rob is no longer coming, Kylie wastes no time in inviting Tyga to come along instead. Kourtney is not at all happy about this, since Scott drinks a lot more when he's around Tyga. Khloé is so excited when she realizes that they're in Vail, and reveals that they went every year with their dad for Thanksgiving, but have not be back since his death. Kris adds to the surprise by inviting that Kolker and Kraines families, who always attended the trips when the kids were little. Todd Kraines is among the surprise guests and we just cannot forget the running joke of Scott prank phone calling 'Auntie Kris' pretending to be Todd Kraines.

The family has a great time hitting the slopes and we get to see a more paternal side to Kanyé West, who doesn't appear on the show very often, but seems to be a great father. Scott wants to show Kourtney that they can do activities together as a family, without actually being romantically involved. Kourtney admits that she is very happy with the way Scott's been behaving, but when she hears that Tyga is coming to join the family in Vail she worries that it will lead Scott to spiral out of control. Khloé tries to tell Kourtney that it's not Tyga's fault if Scott parties hard, and Scott needs to be held accountable for his own actions. When Tyga arrives on the trip he and Kourtney have a heart-to-heart talk about Scott to clear the air.

The sisters are really sad that Rob opted not to come on the trip, and mention that the whole dynamic is different because he's not there. However they wake up one morning and learn from social media that Rob got engaged to Blac Chyna. Kim and Khloé are super upset that Rob didn't tell them or involve his family in this huge moment. Khloé thinks that someone (read: Blac Chyna) is in Rob's ear telling him to separate himself from his family. Kourtney on the other hand is very calm about the whole situation and says there's no point in getting angry. She proceeds to tell Kim and Khloé that Rob probably didn't include them in his proposal because of the way they are acting in this moment. The KUWTK Episode 7 trailer teased that Rob would end up in some hot water, but we think the sisters' vexation at his engagement is only just getting started. What did you think about the first half of the family's snow trip?

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