Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12: Episode 8 trailer, the Vail trip continues

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The trailer for Episode 8 of Keeping Up with he Kardashians shows the conclusion to the family finding out that Rob got engaged. Read on for details and to watch!

Last week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians started off light-hearted and then quickly escalated to fever pitch. We knew from a KUWTK Episode 7 clip that Todd Kraines was making an appearance, and providing some comic relief. Kris decided to whisk her family away on a trip to Vail, Colorado, where they used to vacation years ago. Despite Kourtney's hesitance at Scott joining the trip, once there, she saw that he wasn't getting out of control and she started to relax.

However, the fun came to a crashing halt when the sisters found out through social media that Rob got engaged to Blac Chyna and failed to share the news with them. The Episode 7 trailer gave a glimpse at how mad the sisters would get at him, but we had no idea just how peeved they really were. Kourtney felt that Rob withheld the information because Kim and Khloé are too judgmental. They of course took a different stance and blasted him for pushing them further and further away. Khloé proclaimed at the end of the episode that she was done covering for her brother, and we were left with a notice that this drama is to be continued.

Sunday's Episode 8 is the continuation of the family's trip to Vail and the drama and tension that was building in the first half of the two-parter. The trailer for the next episode opens with Khloé speaking to the camera as she says: "Rob hasn't said anything to us." The family is then shown together and Kris makes a comment, presumably about Blac Chyna, when she says: "Did you see what she wrote about how we weren't invited to the wedding?" Both Kim and Khloé show clear expressions of disdain at hearing this. Khloé then responds: "Rob is the weak link in the bunch and he needs to be cut." Ouch. Things are definitely getting tense now. The question is whether or not Rob will reply to his family or just ignore the fact that his actions have hurt them. You'll just have to tune in Sunday to find out! For more Keeping Up with the Kardashians updates click the green subscribe button below! Do you think Rob will explain himself to his family?

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