Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12: Episode 9 recap, the prodigal son returns

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It's time for Rob to face his sisters in Keeping Up with the Kardashians Episode 9, following his shocking proposal to Blac Chyna, and he's got some even more surprising news to share. Here's our "Oh Baby!" recap.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians trip to Vail was somewhat ruined when the sisters found out through social media that Rob had gotten engaged to Blac Chyna. What made matters worse is that Rob was supposed to go on the trip, but bailed last minute only to keep his family in the dark about his proposal and leave them to fend off questions from friends and media alike about the surprising incident. Check out our KUWTK Season 12: Episode 8 recap if you missed out on the drama. Back home in California Khloé talks to her bestie Malika about the Vail trip, which leads way into talking about Rob. Khloé explains that she's not mad about her brother's engagement to Blac Chyna, she's more upset that Rob still hasn't reached out to any of the sisters. Meanwhile Kourtney is happy that she and Scott stayed in Vail an extra night. As they're heading back to LA, Kourtney receives a text from Rob that he sent to Kim and Khloé as well, saying that they need to sit down and talk about the current situation in person.

Kylie is getting ready to launch a restock of her lip kit line, but she's a bit nervous because last time her website was at over-capacity and she received a lot of negative comments which really affected her. With all the work that Kylie is doing, she's been getting really bad anxiety lately and it doesn't help when she hears a story about Kris getting booed at an appearance. Later on while talking to her sisters about her anxiety Kylie declares that she just knows deep down that she wasn't meant to be famous and her personality is not good for this kind of lifestyle. On the day of Kylie's second restock, the lip kits sell out in under 30 minutes and the website doesn't crash. Kylie is super happy with the successful outcome and is thrilled to be doing something she loves.

Kris goes to Dubai for business, and brings Corey along with her, but is constantly worrying about what's going on back home with her children. As previewed in the KUWTK Episode 9 trailer, Rob meets up with his sisters at Kourtney's house to clear the air, but things are extremely awkward between him and Khloé and they can barely be alone in the same room together. Rob makes excuses about why he didn't come on the family trip and once Kim arrives, Rob describes his proposal to his sisters, adding that it was very spontaneous and that's why they weren't involved, but he's in a very happy place following his engagement. Kim voices the sisters' concerns that Rob didn't include them and they were upset to receive phone calls from people asking for details when they had no idea. Rob fires back that they could have easily picked up the phone to call him and ask him about what's going on, and even heaven forbid congratulate him. Rob seemingly understands where his sisters are coming from and apologizes to them, but then he drops the bombshell that Blac Chyna is pregnant.

The Kardashian sisters are dead silent as Rob explains that this is something that he wanted. Eventually Kourtney and Kim congratulate Rob on his pregnancy, but Khloé is visibly upset, though she does manage to wish him congratulations. Rob begs his sisters to make peace with Blac Chyna because she's not going anywhere and it would be weird if Kim, Khloé and Kourtney didn't have a relationship with her. Kourtney and Khloé call Kris while she's in Dubai and tell her about their conversation with Rob. They also encourage their mother to follow through with her trip to the Maldives instead of rushing back to California to check on the kids. Kris is excited about her new grandchild and is trying to be as loving and supportive of Rob as possible.

Khloé is shocked when she sees a picture that Kylie posted posing with Blac Chyna at Kris's house, with a caption saying they've been besties all along. Kris describes Rob and Chyna as so in love and was happy to see Kylie sit down for a chat with Chyna and talk about their past issues. Kris hopes that her other children can follow suit. Kylie tells Khloé all about her sit down with Chyna and encourages Khloé to do the same, saying that they all need to be one big happy family. In a camera confessional Khloé declares that she doesn't have any problems with Chyna, it's with Rob that she has things to hash out. Do you think Rob and Khloé will ever get back that close relationship they once had?

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